Let’s face it. Even if you haven’t seen Batman v Superman yet, you know you are intrigued. Perhaps it’s not really rocket science to figure out why we all connect so easily to the idea that Batman and Superman might come to blows (even though they are both on the same side which might not seem to make sense!). The fact is we connect so easily to this idea of inter-group rivalry because it happens all the time, and nowhere does it happen more frequently than in the professional world. Don’t we all have cases of Batman v Superman in our lives?

batman v superman

Boss v Employee

We’ve all had bosses. Many of us will also have been “bosses” of one kind or another. It’s not easy being a boss, and it’s not easy being bossed! Like in Batman v Superman, it’s so easy to see one another as a threat and to fight for control rather than appreciating differing roles, strengths, responsibilities, and teamwork. It can be hard as an employee to trust a boss in his seemingly more powerful role, and it can be hard for a boss to entrust their employee with vital tasks. Let’s face it, just like superheros we are not perfect.

Communication and trust can be tricky at the best of times, and particularly hard in a Batman v Superman relationship when there is a common threat being fought.

batman v superman

Difficult Yet Vital

Although maintaining trust and cooperation in a Batman v Superman relationship is difficult; it is vital. One of the lessons of Batman v Superman is that together we can defeat our foe, while alone we cause grief to one another and fail in our common purpose (to save the world …a pretty good purpose!). Your business might not be saving the world, but every working business is bringing something of value to the world.

batman v superman

Every good business is making money because someone somewhere needs what you do, values what you do, and would be put out if you didn’t do what you do. At the very least, a business provides a living for its employees – and the boss too! In the end, like Batman v Superman, you’re all in the same spot.

Communication, Communication, Communication!

In the end, working well together comes down to communication. As with Batman v Superman, there are a whole lot of other voices and other external influences that draw us into suspicion and fear of one another. If we don’t find out the truth directly from the source, if like Batman we believe the worst of our boss (or the reverse) and don’t thoroughly communicate with one another, particularly during times of threat, we could find ourselves in a nasty fight. Unlike Batman v Superman, we can’t always rely on a Lois Lane rushing in to save us from our miscommunication.

To Devastate or to Maximize, That is the Question

Of course, we aren’t a living version of Batman v Superman, so our fights and the devastation at work don’t cause buildings to crumble. However, we all know that a bad boss-employee relationship can truly have devastating results. Quite apart from the health issues that anger, bitterness and resentment can bring to us as individuals, there is also damage to our common business.

batman v superman

It’s important to remember as Batman and Superman did at the end of Batman v Superman, that the business we are in together is what unites us. For most of us, it is also what feeds both our families and gives us meaning, something to work for and toward. In a way, every business is about saving the world. Every business involves people getting together, which means fighting the common enemy of suspicion and fear of others’ powers ( just like in Batman v Superman!) to multiply and maximize strength and bring some good to the world (again, just like Batman v Superman!)

Have a Heart and Save the World

At the end, of course, Batman and Superman were saved from their judgment and fear of one another and were able to complete their task. The realization that they both had people they loved and who relied on them, and that they needed one another’s help to take care of these people, was all they needed to see one another as human beings on the same side in their fight for survival, rather than enemies.

Bosses and employees alike can surely learn from Batman v Superman in this respect. Even if things do occasionally get sticky between employees and their boss, remember that ultimately they are on the same side. Once you’ve figured this out, then heck, nothing can stop you. A good Batman v Superman team can save the world.

batman v superman

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