It all started with a fixed mindset! I was so focused on success that I did not see what was around me. I have fallen short on several big career mistakes. However, the following was by far the biggest.

Self Awareness

It is quite important to know that in any career one has to always have a clear understanding and focus on what is happening both around and inside them. Whenever one refuses to adapt to this fact, they become blinded, and this results in one being unable to move forward. One other major effect of this problem is the fact that it not only hurts when noticed but also takes a while to heal.

The effect of “having a fixed mindset” can lead to low development strategies, as it makes you have a fixed thought in mind. You can never think outside the box whatsoever! It blinds you till you feel that you are safe, and nothing is wrong with you not knowing that your colleagues are heading many steps ahead of you. For such a condition to heal, one has to learn first that nothing that is not within their control is safe. How one is fairing where he or she works can never predict the security of their work role and security.

Self Development

There is a myriad of things that are also very important such as your financial well-being, relations between your managers and colleagues, and both structural and organisational changes and demands that are beyond your reach and control. Growing and stretching your skills and strengths can also help one from hunkering by sticking to only what you know or rather understand best.

your biggest mistake

One common recipe for disaster is extreme focus only on what you know and not embracing new ideas, talents, and focus. Expansion of a professional tool- box is a key which is quite a very important tool in ensuring growth and development of professional capabilities. As it is very evident that the business world of today is changing rapidly at the speed of light, people should, therefore, lay much of their focus on being swift in changing with the changing time. This is to also enhance value in continuity.

Following Direction

Clear and exact identification of what your boss requires of you is also vital to take very keen note on. It has become very common that most individuals who are under employment in today’s world do think a lot more about their expectations from employers and the job. In most cases, they tend to forget that the whole ordeal is a two-way traffic where both parties have to participate in the form of I give you-you give me.

For a relationship between an employer and employee to be safe, it has to be beneficially mutual, not forgetting the fact that it has to be always positive too. It is therefore very important that an employee gets to know concretely exactly what the employer requires of him or her, behaviorally, employees should be able to execute their mandate accordingly and in accordance with terms heading to an employer’s expectations.


The other hurting truth is that the moment an employee fails to deliver what is expected of him or her. It is very likely that the employer will have to make several changes that might not be any close to appealing on the employee’s side, it is a fact that the actions will most likely hurt. Another important tip to grasp is nurturing and keeping of professional relationship positive. It is very dangerous not to get along well with others or colleagues. In a working environment, working as a unit with the same goal is very encouraged as it leads to a great rate of production and smooth running of tasks. The moment hate develops between people who work together, and mutual disdain comes in and this can never help at work. It is, therefore, advisable that in the case of any form of disagreement, the situation should be dealt with accordingly in a way that all the affected parties get to get back along.

your biggest mistake

Finally if one has hate at work, that is fellow folks, he or she must decide to change immediately. You don’t have to move necessarily to another job or even quit your current one; you need to understand the bottom of the problem or its root cause. Get to study it very deeply and with utmost care and understanding and get to address it as soon as possible and without delay.

You find that some people do cling to their current jobs just because of the fear of not being able to get another one. The best award I can give in such a case is just advice that, please stay at your current workplace and try to make it a haven of peace and understanding between you and your fellows. It is you to make it a good and safe place to work. By one ensuring that his challenges, insecurities, fears and any form of pains are addressed before landing a new job or maybe launching a new career. Problems will never end; they will follow you in your next job. Staying afloat is the best thing one can do while working hard towards future goals. Never wait always interview, reach out to fellows, discuss and always stay focused.

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