Being successful is every person’s right , however, you will bear with me that most individuals no matter how hard they work are still left behind.

Every person enjoys 24 hours a day but by bedtime, some will have gained more success than others.

If you are one of the individuals who have not yet made it in life, perhaps you may be thinking that life is unfair. You may have a dream or a goal, and you have read a lot of materials on how to be successful, but still, you have not succeeded.

The reason for your failure is because there might be something stronger than your ambition or more powerful than your potential that is hindering your success. There are some factors in life which most of us ignore that act as the major obstacles to our success. Just like knowing a disease is halfway to treating it, and knowing the enemies of your success is half the journey to achieving your lifetime dream. Here are the biggest enemies of your success that you need to deal with to realize your lifetime goal.

biggest enemy

Lack of information

Have you ever heard that information is power? This applies to all aspects of life. Some people claim that success is the output of hard work and luck, however, you should note that having the right information is the ultimate tool for your success. There are different types of achievements, be it financial, relationship, or health. Despite the kind of goal you are working towards you need to know when to act, how to act, and where to carry out the required activities that will help you realize your goal. For health goals, for instance, you need to know the foods to eat, working out programs, and the results you expect.

Ignorance and Inconsistency

Ignorance is one of the major hindrances of success. Most individuals do not take their dreams seriously, thus they do not attend some issues thinking there are not important. Consistency, on the other hand, is vital for you to realize any goal you set. You need to keep on pushing what you aim at achieving up to the final stage. I believe you have ever heard the saying fake it until you make it. This means that you may not get everything right the first time, but as you push on you will polish your skills and come up with a way of breaking the failure shell.


Lack of patience makes you give up thinking that you will never make it. You should know that unless you hit a jackpot, you can never become successful in one day. Most entrepreneurs who are very successful will tell you that their successes are a result of their lifetime hard work. You need to keep on pushing on your dream until it becomes a reality. As you work towards your goal, you will learn a lot of amazing things which will improve your life and also help you remain a successful person after realizing your dream.

Blurry Vision

For you to be successful, you need to have a clear vision. You need to clearly understand your goal and what you need to do to achieve it. Most individuals keep chasing many goals in life and at the end, they end up losing everything. Firing random shots is a waste of bullets you need to aim a single clear shot which you have minimal chances of missing.

Aiming for several goals makes your life a mess, and you end up giving up. Also without a clear vision, you are unable to track your progress. You need to know the distance between you and your goal and the time and resources required to tackle it. Once you have come up with a clear goal for everything else, it becomes easy. I addition your targets should be realistic. If you are making a hundred dollars do not expect to be making a thousand dollars in the next two days.

Bad Company

Have you ever heard the saying that goes, tell me your friends and I will tell you who you are? It is also said that walk with millionaires to become a millionaire. The company you keep determines a lot on how successful you become. Develop a habit of hanging out with successful people and you will be amazed how different things are once you start reasoning like them. Hanging you with a bunch failures will drag you behind because some of them, especially the once who have already given up in life will just keep on discouraging you.

Lack of Documentation

There is a saying that goes, it has not happened unless it was recorded. You cannot prove that something happens unless you have some evidence. If you have ever done something, and you failed or succeeded, you need to document it so that it can keep on reminding you what you need to do next. If it was a failure, you learned the mistakes you made, thus minimizing the chances of repeating them. If you did something related to your goal, you need something to keep you motivated to do more. This is the reason you will see most successful people have never thrown away their dairies since they were kids since they keep them on track.

biggest enemy


It is good to be proud once you achieve something, but excess pride is unhealthy for any journey towards success. Showing off makes you think that you have achieved your ultimate goal, thus you stop working hard. Pride also brings about desperation if you happen to backslide at some point in life. Staying calm and composed keeps you focused and on track towards your goal.

Pride is also associated with a lack of discipline, a factor that results in failure. For you to be successful, you need to be disciplined and take life seriously since if you do not focus on your dream will never become a reality. You need to keep working hard, treat other people with respect, and communicate in the appropriate manner to make your dream become a reality.

Anyone can become successful. All you need is to equip yourself with the right information, resources, and take necessary action. For you to realize your dream, you need to reach your goal, fight the above enemies of success, and say yes to the challenges you will face.

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