You are probably making significant strides in your career. Looking back, you can thank no one but yourself for having achieved such a great feat. In climbing the corporate ladder, you take time out to conduct an assessment of the journey so far. You try to determine the best lessons ever learned. From the entry level to top management positions, it is obvious that there are lessons that need to be learned.

Along the different roles taken and tasks accomplished, the successes enjoyed and failures encountered, there are indeed a lot of lessons that one can take home. Each person has their own unique learning style. This means that different employees working in the corporate world perceive the situations differently and hence, take home different lessons.

According to a number of top executives, one of the most important lessons that they all agree to is that time is an individual’s best asset or simply put, time is money. To add to this point, the greatest things built on this earth took a lot of time to be established. On the flip side, building a successful career in the corporate world requires that you plan your day well. It is common knowledge that in mid-life, one will have a lot of money and a lot of energy but time will be limited. So the main point here is that every second counts. Ensure that you use your time to add value to yourself; use it in a way that enables you to move to the next step of your career.

On the other hand, the importance of proper communication cannot be ignored. Lasting relationships with colleagues at the workplace are built on understanding and proper communication. With these lasting relationships, a proper workplace environment where individuals utilize their strengths is established. What’s more, it is interesting to note that in as much as there might be an existing organizational culture that in one way or another cherishes creativity, it is important to understand that creativity has no definition. However, it is built from a burning desire to compose, challenge, and even replace what has for long been considered as a norm.

Always question the way you look at situations as a means to obtain a different view of the world. Creativity is developed through looking at things from a unique perspective.

There are probably lessons learned in the corporate world that were not taught in the classroom. A majority of these lessons rank among the most important lessons learned in the corporate world. During your lectures, your professor probably just gave you lessons on the ins and outs of the corporate world but in a real sense, the words and thoughts shared during such lessons do not always translate into real life. Period!

The real challenge is the real-life application of the lessons learned in the classroom. Remember that if it were that easy, then everyone would have done it. In addition, learning is a life-long process. Most individuals who succeed in landing jobs shortly after graduation usually forget about going back to class and more specifically, reading until they are forced by circumstances. An important lesson that the corporate world will teach you is that you need to always be eager to learn. Get to know how the world is moving and how such changes affect your career.

To some people, the biggest lesson ever learned is how to manage office politics. For the newcomers into the corporate world, the biggest challenge that faces them is the lack of a reference point and so adapting to an environment where office politics thrives becomes very hard. However, these newcomers may need to read several books about office politics which will help them adapt faster. Dancing with office politics has a wide range of benefits as it helps one remain vigilant. One is also able to manage unexpected situations and handle the high levels of stress appropriately.

Sometimes, we encounter unexpected situations in our lives. The story is no different in the corporate world either. The worst thing that can happen to an individual is getting laid off, such as due to changes in the company policy or any other unexpected reason. One of the most important yet painful lesson that you can learn from such an occurrence is that you are replaceable no matter how qualified or how reliable you are! Always keep this in mind as it serves to remind you that you should avoid the tendency to prioritize your career over your family, friends, and loved ones.

Strive to strike a balance between your career and relationships because if you face the sack or get laid off, your family and friends will be there for you. Seek to build these relationships because the future is uncertain.

Besides all these lessons that one can learn from the corporate world, there is one lesson which can be termed as the biggest or the best as you may choose to put it. The lesson is this – you are responsible for your own training and development – yes, that’s it! If you are always looking for growth in your career, you are the one who will be responsible for looking for something that will challenge you and let you learn new things.

If you are looking to get promoted, you are the one who will be responsible for ensuring that you attain all the qualifications needed before you can get promoted. If you want to attain a stable work-life balance, then it will be your responsibility to dedicate your time wisely towards building strong relationships with family and friends, while at the same time, fulfilling your career roles. Personal training and development will also mean that you embrace learning as a life-long process.

These are just some of the best lessons ever learned from the corporate world. What underlies all these lessons is that being aware that the responsibility of realizing success in both career and life solely lies with the individual.