Convenience stores in China, play an important role in most communities as they do around the world.

Historically, stores have been around for centuries. Evidence of shops in ancient cultures has been found throughout the world. Many of these stores, particularly the ancient ones, were small but they sold a wide variety of products. Anything people needed basically. Today convenience stores in China play a significant role in boosting the welfare of the local community and keeping the giants at bay.

Why We Need Convenience Stores

In today’s world, you may think that having a local shop is not that important. After all, you can get everything you want from a supermarket. However, being able to visit your local store for a one-off product or something you need quickly can be handy. Sadly, local stores are continually having to shut down because they are losing custom as people shop at the larger supermarkets instead. If you want the convenience of being able to pop in for a newspaper or a pint of milk on a Sunday morning then support your local shop often, not just for small purchases every month or so.

Many local shops have realized that if they are going to attract a customer base they need to diversify. Many shops now offer services such as cash machines, dry cleaning collection and collect plus. If you haven’t been to a local shop for a while, you may be surprised to see the changes. Today convenience stores respond proactively to their customers’ needs and can often provide a better service than the larger, impersonal supermarkets.

As more local stores join trade associations, they can now diversify even more in terms of the products they sell. This means you could also be pleasantly surprised by the range of products stock, and again they are competing with the larger supermarkets here.

For the more vulnerable members of a community, local shops are the only places they can shop. If their local stores were to shut, they would not be able to get hold of essentials. It makes sense to support your local store and buy from them as often as possible to keep your community thriving and to help those in need.

Convenience stores in China

1. 7-Eleven

Convience Stores in China

The company was founded by Joe C. Thompson in 1927. The stores were first named ‘Totem’, but the new name was adopted when opening hours were extended from 7am to 11pm. Since then, they stuck with the name even though 7-Eleven stores are now open 24-hours a day. They are based in Dallas, Texas, 7-Eleven is the world’s largest convenience store chain in America. Today there are over 35,200 stores around the world in 17 countries.

7-Eleven is known to be a great place to launch new products. They are known to pioneer new brands. 5 Hour Energy makes millions of dollars a year in total sales and 7-Eleven, known for pioneering new products, sold the majority of this new product.

Questions to ask if you believe your product is right for convenience stores in China:

  • Are your products in high demand?
  • Can your product fit on the counter or shelves?
  • Can 7-Eleven make at least a 50% margin on your product?
  • Is the price of your product comparable to other products in 7-Eleven?

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then you should contact a 7-eleven buyer or broker.

2. FamilyMart

Convience Stores in China

Family Mart shopping online is one of the fastest ways to get hold of absolutely anything. The company has many convenience stores in China so finding the closest to you after ordering should be easy.

Everyone knows what a hassle it can be to go out shopping and remember everything you needed, not to mention the crowds that you have to deal with. Family Mart designed their site to store shopping and help people purchase items they need with the least hassle and least time.

You will love the Family Mart ‘always low price’ guarantee. You will consistently receive the best bargains for the products you buy. Family Mart stores are continuously rolling back their price tags and are viewed as the leader for bargains on items for your house, your family and even your lifestyle.

You will find that Family Mart online provides choices so you can compare both merchandise and price tags. You will be hard pressed to find any other convenience store in China with such a huge selection of products. If you are looking for something unique and hard to find, you can probably locate it at Family Mart by just clicking on one of the categories. Family Mart prides itself on having thousands of items for buyers to browse through.

Finding convenience stores in China near you

The easiest way to find convenience stores in China is to search the internet. You should find several trade associations which list local stores within their group, along with opening times. There is also a new website available that shows you all the local convenience stores in your area.

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