The world today is changing at a faster pace than before. Some careers are being rendered obsolete thanks to exponential advances being made in the technology sector. Human functions are being taken up by robots and so you wonder, how the future will be?

There are also calls to action by world leaders for the need to come up with ways of generating green energy. Changes in climate have resulted to increased famine and so there is a need for specialists who will come up with a new variety of crops that are drought resistant. There is also a need for coming up with new methods of farming. On another note, The number of newborn babies is increasing day by day; many are also perishing as a result of known and unknown illnesses. Cancer and HIV/AIDS are also proving that they are incurable. As the world population continues to increase, the demand for housing units will also increase concurrently. These are just a few of the highlights that show how dynamic our world has become. As you decide on your college major, you do not want to encounter a scenario where your career will be rendered obsolete.

The realization that the stability of a career is more important than the salary package then becomes of interest to you because, for you to earn an income, the career needs to be there. The key determinant factor that may help you in deciding the best college degree majors for the future is opportunity. By opportunity here, it means that before you decide on settling for a certain major, you need to check the future opportunities which will make that major relevant.

You have probably already tried to search for best majors for college students today that will still be relevant in the future. From medicine to engineering, to technology to business (finance and economics), all these majors present you with a wide variety of opportunities to choose from. These majors have long been considered as ones that lead to some of the most lucrative and successful careers when pursued.

best college degrees for the future

Let us demystify opportunity. Currently, technology is advancing exponentially. A day cannot pass without us simply hearing news about a major breakthrough made in technology. Programmers have continued to develop software and applications that influence the way we live in one way or another. In fact, some nations have reviewed their curriculum to incorporate lessons that introduce young learners to basics in computer and technology. Moreover, at least each area of our lives will in one way or another continue to be influenced by technology.

Take a keen look at the current trend where information and communication technology (ICT) has turned the world into a global village. As a result, there has been an increase in demand for ICT specialists, software engineers, telecommunication engineers, computer technologists, and also the electrical and electronic engineers. Furthermore, a new area in the computing and technology i.e. Big Data will revolutionize the way companies will operate in the future. It is predicted that in the future, data scientists and analysts will be in high demand to assist in dealing with Big Data. Nonetheless, the demand for Management Information Systems (MIS) specialists and Database Administrators will continue to grow concurrently with advances in big data. On the same breath, mathematicians and statisticians with analysis skills will also be in demand to help in coming up with programs necessary for the analysis of the Big Data

Look at medicine; we recently had the Ebola crisis and the world rejoiced when reports emerged that a cure for the virus had been found. Presently, HIV/AIDS and cancer are the two most notorious conditions that have continued to give medical researchers sleepless nights as they continue to look for the cure. Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity have opened up opportunities for nutritionists and sports instructors whose advice on how to lead a healthy life is highly sought after. On the same breath, pharmacists and biomedical engineers will need to develop new medicine needed to treat the ever-increasing number of diseases that continue to claim many lives daily.

In the business world, as more and more companies continue to expand their operations globally, there will be an increase in the demand for accountants, finance managers, administrators, and economists to aid the companies in realizing their vision. As more babies rise to school-age, the need for more teachers will become a priority. As new oil and gas deposits continue to be discovered, the demand for oil and gas engineers will rise. Also, the need for chemical engineers will continue to rise. On that same note, as new mineral deposits continue to be discovered, the need for mining specialists and geologists will continue to rise.

With the advent of urbanization, there is a need for improvement in the standards of infrastructure. This has led to an increase in demand for civil engineers. On that same note, with the demand for housing units rising, the real estate sector provides architects, construction managers, surveyors, and other specialists in the building and construction industry with a lot of employment opportunities.

These are just some of the few key areas that are projected to offer employment opportunities in the future. So when looking for the best college degrees for the future, it will be important to consider the opportunities that are predicted to be in existence in the future.

Moreover, before deciding on which major you are going to study, make sure you know your strengths and the areas which you are passionate about. It will be a pity to choose a major which lands you in a career that you weren’t passionate about only because you chose it for the money. Remember that it is always best to do something that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

The bottom line is that the best college degrees for the future are those that are tailored towards meeting the needs for the future. In saying so, majors in the areas of medicine, engineering, business, building and construction, technology, education and teaching, real estate, information technology, agriculture, computer and information sciences, and communication and journalism are expected to offer excellent job opportunities in the future.

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