So you are out of high school, and you cannot wait to join campus and pursue a course that will land you in your dream career. Or probably you are out of campus and are busy paper chasing as you try to get that dream job. You probably want to make the best out of your career if the opportunity presents itself. You want to avoid instances of making unnecessary career switches as you have seen some of the people who are older than you doing. All you desire is becoming an expert by sticking to one specific career. You probably prefer being a master rather than a Jack of all trades. So you go in search of some of the best career advice available. First, you identify those individuals who are most successful in your area of study. You even go further and find out some of the pieces of advice they offer concerning what it takes to have a successful career. You just can’t help it but admire their successful career. It also becomes your goal to emulate their achievements as you look towards becoming successful as they have.

The Plethora of Career Guidance Out There

From the emphasis on hard work to being nice to everyone to keeping it real to never giving up when the going gets tough to embracing failure, you find out that all these career advice from these successful men and women are related in one way or another. Inside you, there is still this burning desire that keeps you on your toes on your mission towards finding out what is the best and most effective career advice that one can get. So the next challenge becomes identifying the unique career advice that will help give you that desired edge. You go out of your way to compiling a list of the available best pieces of career advice ever given. One of the best advice ever given is that you need to find a mentor. Take this interesting case; Warren Buffet hails Benjamin Graham as his mentor and Bill Gates, the richest man on the planet who esteemed the early guidance he received from Dr. Ed Roberts, says that Warren Buffet is his mentor. Interesting, isn’t it? What is more captivating is that Buffet and Gates have consistently featured in the list of the richest people on the planet in the recent years.

A Mentor is a Great Way to Gain Career Guidance

So why is finding a mentor so important? A mentor is someone who is older than you that you admire and trust his/her pieces of advice. A guide is usually experienced in your area of interest having encountered a lot of experiences that have taught him/her great lessons about success and failure. So the moment you encounter failure, your mentor will be of great help by aiding you in getting back to your feet. Remember, a mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight. A mentor acts as a reference, also as a guide. Just the same way as the father leads his son in the journey of life so does a career mentor guide a worker in his/her career path.

Another piece of the best career advice that will help you enjoy your career is that you need to be aware of your personality. We are all wired differently. No two humans are the same. Identifying your personality will help you be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Also, you easily become aware of what you are passionate about. You are also able to bring out your unique sets of interests, skills, goals, experiences and even a new way of viewing the world. This is the reason why reputable global firms such as the ‘Big Four’ administer aptitude tests and personality tests so that they can be able to help you know your personality type. The reason why these firms remain successful and reputable is the fact that they hire people with personalities that match those required in their workplace.

Knowing Who You Are and Your Values Will Make Choosing a Career Less Daunting

It is interesting to note that being aware of your personality type early in life holds the key to your success. Look at the professional sportsmen, they identify their passion for sport early in life and probably enroll in an academy. They develop their talents early in life and before long they are already plying their trade in the first team. The same can be said of people who are successful in their careers. Those who have successful careers are probably those who identified the path they wanted to pursue and set out to discover if it matches with their strengths and abilities. They then went on to fulfill what is required of it. It is never too late to begin finding your passion. The reason why we have a lot of men and women who are secretly unhappy with their careers is that they just pursued it by other reasons like the huge paycheck, the ‘big name’ and fancy job titles. They associate with it or even the desire to be seen that they are putting the grades they attained into good use.

Choosing a Career as a Fresh Graduate

For a recent college graduate, it will be important that you choose to pursue something you love over money. This is according to Brian Tracy’s advice to college graduates. In other words, this means that one needs to be aware of his/her strengths and passion. It is better to do something you love for the rest of your life rather than ending up in a career that you hate. Being aware of your personality and strengths will enable you to take up roles that fully utilize these strengths and at the end of the day, you will be satisfied with your career. If you are still finding it hard to identify your core strengths, there are a good number of online sites that offer free personality tests with the results being delivered to you immediately you are through with the test. In attempting these tests, you will become aware of your strengths and find ways of utilizing them. For your weaknesses, you will find ways of converting them to new strengths. Isn’t that what we all desire?

The bottom line, therefore, is being aware of your strengths and weaknesses then finding a qualified mentor. Personality awareness will help you stay focused on your career roles and will also be important in helping you enjoy what you do. On the other hand, mentors offer great assistance especially when we are faced with a situation which we do not fully understand. They are like a tour guide leading us through a path we are unsure of. So the next time you are confused as to what is the best career advice you can ever get, remember that you will first need to be aware of your strengths and most importantly what you are passionate about before even embarking on a journey towards a successful career.