Ideally, most graduates worry about only one single thing, whether they will land a job opportunity and how they’ll go about getting one. Often, graduating from college does not necessarily guarantee that you already know which sector to venture in and this may be to some extent confusing for most people. For instance, business management graduates may land an opportunity in the various business management jobs that are on offer for fresh college graduates.

The very first employment opportunity should be a trial period to see if this is the career you truly want to pursue. When evaluating your options, look for career growth to determine the suitability of a certain job. Following is a list of suitable jobs for fresh business management graduates looking for new positions in their field.

1. Payroll Officer

Most organizations and companies have this great position to help in the easier administration of employees’ information. Typically, a payroll officer is tasked with the collection of all employees’ information and time sheets. Further, the officer is responsible for administering payroll which may primarily entail the use of an automated software for quick and more accurate submissions. Also, the payroll officer is very instrumental in discussing with co-workers issues arising from their time sheets and other information. This example of business management jobs offers significant hands-on experience in dealing with employees and general management skills that add to the weight of your resume.

It all adds up - success you can count on

2. Tax Accountant

The fundamental skill that should be nurtured and enhanced among the business management jobs is the ability of an employee to develop critical and analytical thinking practices. Being a junior tax accountant as an alternative amongst other business management positions ensures that a junior employee is equipped with sound accounting skills that are relevant as each and every organization must maintain accounts in one form or another. Further, the mastery of taxes which may include federal as well as state taxes, social security, medical remittances, and pension funds assures that the employee is exposed to a holistic approach towards the business and more so in the management of the accounting department.

3. Junior Auditor

Among the most common of the business management jobs is probably that of the auditor’s position. Ideally, a credible business must equally have good accounting books free from ill intent or suspicious transactions. In fact, the auditors’ job could potentially rescue an ailing business while questionable auditors may sink a healthy company to bankruptcy. To avoid this, choosing to be an auditor from other business management jobs calls for extreme transparency and work ethics in the practice of business management. Notably, this position could as well potentially lead to a career on its own by having the employee amass lots of experience and further undertaking training to advance in knowledge.

4. Financial Controller

For graduates, choosing to be a financial controller from other business management jobs can mean a chance to partake in the team tasked with the executive accounting functions in a company. Ideally, the financial controller is supposed to provide leadership in financial matters while formulating key strategies relating to accounting. In performing this role, a fresh graduate is expected to ensure the proper accounting allocations made are effective and follow them up with the necessary documentation. As with other business management jobs, the financial controller practices and shows a demonstration of leadership qualities. Further, it is important that the graduate develops a high level of understanding of both structural and organizational behaviors. Most importantly, they should have the ability to research, formulate, and efficiently interpret the financial data as well as putting in place relevant policies.

5. Project/Product Management

In almost all organizations, there exist different projects that are constantly ongoing at any one time. Therefore, this is a welcome and indeed very viable alternative to other business management jobs. To effectively manage projects, it is important that the fresh graduates learn the skills of being self-reliant on one hand while maintaining excellent teamwork abilities on the other. Besides, it requires the initiative and more so the ability of superb time management skills, resources as well as projects. Similarly, being in a position of control especially when tasked with projects require that one develops an independent mind and have superior decision-making abilities. Moreover, these business management jobs help the fresh graduates develop creative and dynamic problem-solving skills to provide the much-needed solutions for the business entity.

6. Business Analyst

Often, business management fresh graduates may find themselves in choosing a Business Analyst position as an alternative. Ideally, business analysts in any organization are tasked with the role of analyzing documents and its business processes. Plainly put, business analysts assist with the general business case. Further, they help in both the planning and monitoring of the business’ systems, procedures and providing necessary requirements. It is in this particular position that the business management graduate will be expected to provide a relevant business case study, effect the appropriate change processes, oversee the scope of the project, and follow up the solution’s installation and final deployment. In addition to this, these business management jobs require that you follow up on the deployed solution and document its efficacy.

7. Sales Executive

Finally, becoming a sales executive is one of the most top business management jobs. Noteworthy, sales executive positions an employee to nurture the requisite managerial skills which come in handy in performing this and other business management jobs. Essentially, the skills to manage the sales team offers one the much needed experience in management. Similarly, being involved directly with clients, one is positioned strategically to gather important feedback which may lead to creativity in the quest to help in satisfying the customers’ needs and wants.

In conclusion, these business management jobs ensure that there is positive growth towards the personal development of a business management graduate.

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