The world is such a fascinating place bound by unique languages and cultures. As large as it is, it can also be considered small since several groups gathering around the world can create quite vibrant places to invigorate any culture lover. A cosmopolitan City is a society or place full of people from different cultures and countries. China is an example of a large country full of diverse cuisines, cultures, dialects, and living conditions. As one travels through China, it is inevitable to feel like you are experiencing a variety of different countries.

Living and working in a cosmopolitan city can be great especially if you enjoy the city hustle and want to be closer to new opportunities and action. Below are just some of the cultural, lifestyle and financial benefits of working and living in a cosmopolitan city.

1. Easy Transportation

Access is the considered major perk of working and living in a cosmopolitan city. Since the parking cost, insurance and maintenance of the car can be quite expensive, most of the city dwellers ditch their cars and choose to travel by foot, public transit or bike. Most of the first-tier cities have regular train and bus systems that come at an affordable price to enable the residents to be mobile. Chinese infrastructure makes traveling from one location to another cost-effective and more convenient.

2. Fun Attractions and Entertainment

While it may seem that you work every day, there is some downtime during the weekends and in the evenings. Big cosmopolitan cities have mainstream theaters, music venues, museums and green space. Talk of ballet, opera, symphony and dance performances and you will find them here. There are also sporting events both professional sports teams and amateurs.

3. Social Possibilities and Professional Networks

Attorneys, accountants, advisers and so many other professionals that may be of great help to you in the city. A Cosmopolitan also has many services and diverse resources. It is more like a pool of professionals, and you know who to call in your circles whenever you need something. Cities have an unlimited social potential for friends and networking. Urban life offers a chance to broaden your professional contacts and personal relationships.

4. Access to Medical Care

Cosmopolitan cities have the major medical institutions that have the best services and are convenient and comforting. It is much easier getting professional care while in a big cosmopolitan city than in the rural areas.

5. Financial options

Financing includes private investors, debt and venture capital. It is much easier to get any of the three in a large cosmopolitan city since most companies would prefer investing in individuals or businesses found within the same geographical location.

6. Workforce and Finding Work

It is much easier to meet new people and make good connections within a city setting who can help you in getting a job. On the other hand, if the conventional work style isn’t for you, building your business is much easier since you will have lots of specialists and resources around. A big city has varied amenities, thus very easy for you to find an accessible workplace.

7. Fashion, Shopping, and Restaurants

There are many food stores, supermarkets, boutiques, restaurants and department stores in China, making it very easy to get and buy whatever you want.

According to a recent national survey done in China, Shanghai is the most cosmopolitan city followed by Beijing, Hong Kong, and Macau. They represent the international style best with a myriad of different cultures and people living there. The first three are the most preferred destinations for expats because of their economic conditions, historical significance, climate, cleanliness, cuisines, fashion and shopping.

1. Shanghai

Shanghai is the most cosmopolitan city in China and is comparable to New York. The colorful flashing lights and the vibrant life can make you want to call Shanghai home. It is a vital economic hub and a preferred choice of young people. Adjustment to life in Shanghai is very easy and as a financial hub for China, you will get a lot of international companies set up in Shanghai. There is a strong entrepreneurial spirit with more corporate and commercial careers found here.

The weather is humid subtropical climate though more extreme. Summers are quite scorching. Traveling in Shanghai is not your typical cheap, convenient international travel but with its proximity to other towns such as Suzhou, Hangzhou and Nanjing means you can quickly take a quick trip out of your local area for a change of scenery. The nightlife in Shanghai is vibrant with venues that are comparable to global standards. There is so much to choose from depending on your taste from Clubs and movie theaters to acrobatics and dining.

2. Beijing

Beijing is the capital city of China famed for its Great Wall of China. It is well recognized in the whole world since it’s the single political urban area of China that can be appropriately compared with Washington D.C. Most of the career opportunities here revolve around NGO postings and government positions. Beijing is also rich in art culture including music, art, and dance. There is quite a significant number of artists of all experience level and expertise which is applaudable.

The weather is mostly dry although you will experience all the four seasons in Beijing. Spring and autumn are the best and shortest while in winter temperatures go below freezing point whereas summer is wet and hot. The nightlife here is full of options due to the high independent art culture here. They range from live music, jazz, pop, techno, dance, performing arts and so much more.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city in southeastern Asia which is vibrant and densely populated famed for its tower-studded skyline. This island city-state is a major port and global financial center, and it is also known for its lively food scene from the extravagant high tea to the Cantonese dim and also for its shopping with options ranging from many bespoke tailors to chaotic Temple Street Night Market. The jobs range from accounting and finance to sales and marketing.

Hong Kong had subtropical climate but cooled in winter by sea breeze while summer is long, hot and humid. The people in Hong Kong are reserved but friendly, especially to children. It has a prime location at the geographic and economic center of Asia with businesses being fast and easy to access for major markets in the Asian Pacific region. It has the world freest economy, and its international airport is arguably the best in the whole world. The nightlife is vibrant and full of options.

Working in China’s top cosmopolitan cities will be such an incredible bargain since you will get to assimilate into different cultures, enjoy top-notch infrastructure and technology, have fantastic night-life and have access to international professional networks. The fun part is enough to make you fall in love with China and so is the vigor which is less apparent anywhere else.