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University forms one of the highest educational institutions in the society., and just like any other learning institution; Beijing Jiaotong University is not an exception. To begin, Beijing Jiaotong University (formerly known as the Northern Jiaotong University) is one of the oldest educational institutions in China. The University is located in Beijing, the capital city of China. It is one of the largest Universities in China, and it offers several courses of study.


The University was founded in late 1896 as a public university. During this time, the school was mainly dealing with railway management and other telecommunication systems in the country. However, in early 1923, the name Beijing Jiaotong University was decided and today; it is one of the top ranking learning institutions in China.

Recent Developments

Walking through the university compound, one can notice several developments and constructions underway. For example, it is evident that constructions are part of the school, and new buildings are under construction in the institution. The management’s main plan is to provide a world-class learning institution with first class international education standards. Similarly, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the institution collaborated with St. Petersburg State Transport University in early 2015 to establish an overseas education center known as Russia-China Jiaotong institute.

In the same year, the school management managed to approve the construction of the Weihai campus which is a constituent of the University and offers various courses. According to the school management, the Lancaster University from the United Kingdom also established the Lancaster University College at Beijing Jiaotong University, focusing mainly on Chinese-foreign cooperation and international studies.

Global Collaboration

Going through recent reports in the school, one can depict several improvements, including the recent collaboration where the university established cooperative relations with more than two hundred global learning institutions, such as the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom among many other global countries.

From the student’s population and their different socioeconomic background, one can argue that Beijing Jiaotong University enjoys and highly values international education. The university recently established a Confucius Institute with Texas Southern University in the United States of America and the University of Campinas in Brazil. These are notable development aiming at scaling the heights of international education in the region. Other notable global relations that the university has delved into include the establishment of the Confucius Institute with KU Leuven in Belgium.

Also, reports from the university website indicate that the university plans to collaborate with Moscow State University to establish a modern railway management program. Although the university is based in China, the University provides a platform for international cooperation and unity. For example, the University recently held the China high-level forum on transport and the second China-Russia transport University global forum. With over one hundred and twenty years of history, Beijing Jiaotong University depicts a global mission of learning and practice with the spirit of modesty and innovation.

The main aim and mission of the school is to change the learner’s social behaviour and produce productive and useful learners in society. However, according to the former national leaders and founders of Beijing Jiaotong University, the institution should strive to promote peace, unity, and love among the global community.

World Ranking

From the Global University Ranking recent publications, Beijing Jiaotong University is ranked number 115 globally. However, regarding engineering and technology, the university is at position 57. From these reports, one can argue that this is a true reflection of the university value towards engineering and technology-based programs.

Furthermore, from the Chinese government educational reports, it is evident that Beijing Jiaotong University is a public University, and the government of China is planning to establish a new campus in the name of Modern Railway Transport Innovation Base within the next five years.

Total Number of Students

While moving around the school one cannot fail to notice the high numbers of students. For example, Beijing Jiaotong University’s current student population is about thirteen thousand nine hundred with twenty-five undergraduates (13, 925) as well as seven thousand eight hundred and eighty-four post-graduate students (7, 884). The total number of doctoral students in the college is about 2, 801, while professional degree students total around 7, 544. Not forgetting that there are also adult students who range between 8,000 to 9,000 in number.

Total Number of International Students

Although the majority of students in Beijing Jiaotong University are from China, there are also international students. Due to its high-quality engineering and technological programs, Beijing Jiaotong University has a high number of international students in both its post-graduate and undergraduate programs. Furthermore, the college admits students from all over the world. Thus a majority of the students are from different socio-economic backgrounds. From the school student reports, it is true that there are about 1, 175 international students in Beijing Jiaotong University.

Total Number of Faculties

With the high level of education, Beijing Jiaotong University accommodates about fifteen academic schools, two vocational colleges as well as one independent college. However, the current teaching staff in the college is about 1, 831 and this includes both full-time teaching staff and other part-time scholars. Despite this, the school also has about 1,156 senior lecturers and associate professors. The school is well known for its high-quality engineering and technological programs.

Academic Reputation and Research Opportunities for International Students

Regarding disciplines, the Beijing Jiaotong University has about eight national key disciplines, about fifteen post-doc research centres and around twenty level one disciplines offering doctorate programs. In addition to that huge research-based infrastructure, the school also has 34 level-1 disciplines for master’s degree programs as well as other professional degree courses including MBA, M. Eng, EMBA and M. Law among many other programs.

No one can also fail to recognise that the university has about 50 research platforms, especially at ministry level and above. For example, there are ten national level research platforms in the school and about 40 ministerial research platforms. In the last five years alone, the university has managed to supervise about eleven thousand research projects. Some of the major projects that have been undertaken in the school in the recent past include national science projects, the National 973 plan as well as the national 863 project. All these projects indicate how Beijing Jiaotong University is serious regarding research studies and projects.

Consequently, Beijing Jiaotong University has published around three thousand research papers in various global SCIE Citations. The University also prides itself on about 5, 214 papers in EL citations. Due to its advanced technology and innovative nature, there were about 2,007 patent applications recently, and only 1, 264 were approved.


To sum it up, it is evident that Beijing Jiaotong University is one of the top international universities in China. The University enjoys diverse academic faculty and staff. Although Beijing Jiaotong University was founded in late 1896, it is regarded as one of the first universities to qualify for doctorate and master’s degree conferral in China. Also, the University leads in information and management disciplines and mostly features transportation science and technology based programs. Furthermore, Beijing Jiaotong University offers bachelor, masters and doctoral degree programs and courses especially in the field of engineering, economy, science, law, arts as well as philosophy and management among many other fields of study. The University also offers international scholarship opportunities for international students all over the world.

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