Address- 5 South Zhongguancun Street,

Haidian District, Beijing China 100081

The Beijing Institute of Technology is located in the Haidian District of Beijing which is easily accessible by metro.

World Ranking- 601- 800th as per 2016

In the year 2012 BIT entered the top hundred universities in Asia and the same year, it became one of the top five hundred Universities in the world. In the year 2016 BIT stands at 601 among the top 800 universities in the world.

Total Number of Students- 29303

The Beijing Institute of Technology has a global approach to education which is one of the reasons why it is becoming a reputed international institute with more and more students coming from different countries across the globe becoming inspired to join this world class institute.

Total Number of International Students- 1600

Eight hundred students are pursuing undergraduate, masters and postgraduate programs. At the present date, this institute has inter-university collaboration with more than two hundred universities in over fifty-eight countries. The qualified international students are entitled to receive a scholarship from the Chinese Government at Beijing Institute of Technology

Total Number of Faculties- 4

There is a total of four faculties at Beijing Institute of Technology which includes Faculty of Natural Science and Material, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Information and Electronics and Faculty of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering. The professors in each faculty are great achievers and scholars in their domain.

About the Beijing Institute of Technology

The Beijing Institute of Technology is one of the most renowned educational institutions in the world. The high-quality education that is offered at the Beijing Institute of Technology makes it one of the reputed Universities in the World.

Beijing Institute of Technology has one of the best faculties in the world which is one of the reasons why more and more students from all over the world are being lured to join this institute. Another main reason why this institute is becoming internationally acclaimed is the high-quality research opportunities  available.

Reputation of Beijing Institute of Technology

The Beijing Institute of Technology was established in the year 1940 and it is a well-reputed coeducational public university which operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Academic Reputation

The Beijing Institute of Technology has a total of nineteen schools that  offer a total of sixty-four undergraduate programs, ninety-five doctoral courses and one hundred and ninety-six graduate courses.

Research Aspects

The most interesting aspect about BIT is that recently a new agreement has been signed between Canada and Beijing Institute of Technology which strengthens its research ties. The other research areas in which Beijing Institute of Technology has achieved progress includes research focused on making anti-cancer drugs, quantum computers, digital performance and simulation technology, research on low emission vehicle, and many others.

Faculty and Student Ratio

The total number of faculty members in BIT is more than 3,500, and there are over 25,000 full-time students pursuing their education at the Beijing Institute of Technology. Out of these numbers, a total of three thousand students are engaged in postdoctoral research programs, eight thousand students are graduate students, and around fourteen thousand are undergraduate students.

Extracurricular Activities

The Beijing Institute of Technology firmly believes that a sound mind in a sound body can promote education and learning. Therefore this reputed Institute promotes all the different forms of extracurricular activities like games and sports. Under the cultural dimension, this institute encourages different types of songs, dance and drama. The students are encouraged to participate in the extracurricular activities.

Recent News About Beijing Institute of Technology

Beijing Institute of Technology is currently in the process of building an international university as a result of which it has promoted the creation of a global network for cooperation and exchange.

Best Programs/Courses Available

The University of Beijing Institute of Technology offers a whole range of degrees and courses in diverse fields like foreign languages, Social Science, Humanities, Law, Design, Art, Business, and many others. Side by side BIT also offers Programs which range from Computer Science and Technology, and Mechanical as well as Electrical and Software Engineering. The other top faculties which are included in BIT are Accounting, International Trade and Economics, Flight Vehicle Design, and Engineering.

BIT offers two-year masters programs in Aeronautics and Space Science and Technology. The other disciplines in which it offers two years master’s degree are Applied Economics, Biology, Bio-Medical Engineering and Business Administration.

Academics & Research

The Beijing Institute of Technology promotes ethics and morality in scholarship and makes an all out effort to discover the truth. The university tries hard to make a positive and substantial contribution to humankind through profound accomplishments in academics. Although the primary focus of this institute was science and technology, it has lately delved into areas that cover management and humanities. The faculty of this institute is world-class where learned teachers from all over the world come to teach. The research facilities of this institute are overwhelming. BIT is constantly devoting itself to improve its research capabilities. It has made significant progress in bringing out drugs to fight cancer and in conducting effective research on low emission vehicles.

Opportunities for International Students

For the students belonging to the United Kingdom or the United States of America, the Beijing Institute of Technology is a good option. It offers great opportunities and facilities for international students. BIT provides the students with the best faculty where they can study Engineering and Science along with Humanities and Social Sciences. This Institute is well known because it is the first University to have started a Graduate School for which it has received award and recognition from the government on four consecutive occasions. Being an international student, if one scores high grades than he or she will be entitled to receive a scholarship from the Chinese Government.

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