You can visit tourist locations in and around Beijing. Based on your interest, you can visit the seven UNESCO-recognized heritage sites or join the Hutong rickshaw tours that give you an insight into the local people’s way of life. The five-day Beijing tours also offer you a choice of itineraries with different themes to enjoy your holiday in Beijing. The English-speaking guide shall assist you during the tour to visit prominent places like the Forbidden City, Lampa Temple, Beijing Zoo, Birds Nest and Water Cube, etc. giving an overview of their prominence in the Beijing history. There are also Beijing tours based on different themes like discovering the vivacity of Beijing, Beijing ski tours, target shooting tours, Beijing bike tours, religious tours that would surely offer you a varied experience in Beijing.

Beijing Tourism

If you have come for Beijing Travel thing, don’t forget to tour the Great Wall of China. Its is easy to visit even if you have come to Beijing for a day’s travel. You can travel by bus or hire a car to get to the see the Great Wall. The Badaling section is the most popular spot from where the Chinese tour group departure. It is most nearest to Beijing that is why it is preferred.

Similarly, the Great Wall scenery of China tours starts from different points that include hiking, walking, trekking and camping in the process of witnessing the great wonders surrounding the China wall. The tours are categorized as formal, informal and wild to experience the stunning views from the wall. This is, in fact, one of the biggest man-made monuments and pride to mankind for the abilities to build this Great Wall. However, those who cannot walk can take the Beijing great wall tour in helicopter for a 15 min to 30 min flying to experience the panoramic view from the top angle

Beijing City, You Will Find a Little of Everything

The Beijing travel can begin from the Tiananmen Square where the great Mao declared the foundation of the country. This area is wide enough to accommodate 1 million people. It is the heart where the urban Beijing lies.

For exploring the ancient architect of the city, explore the Forbidden City. This was a Chinese Imperial Palace, which served as a home to the Ming and Qing Dynasty empires.

Beijing Travel in Any Season

Beijing has four seasons. It thus makes it easier for visitors to visit Beijing at any day of the year. The spring season starts from April to May, and it is warm. The temperature in the day, as well as night, is different. Summer starts from the mid of June. It is the hottest month of the year. Rainfall is common during summers. Next comes autumn which starts from the mid of September and goes until October. It is the right time to come to explore Beijing. You will find plenty of tours during this period of the year. Temperature is considered mild and enjoyable. Winter is the last season of the year of course which starts from November and lasts till March. Visitors love coming during the winters to enjoy winter sports.


Mixing modern and old designs, Beijing hotels reflect the historical aspects of China and the western ways of Europe to develop hotels suited for everyone. With every hotel unique and different, repeated trips to Beijing will not disappoint. The shiny and luxurious Beijing hotels are fitted with marble columns and hand-painted ceilings so that even those on a budget can experience the unique and distinctive Chinese culture.

Beijing City Has Many Hotels for Any Budget

The guest rooms are similar to that of the hotel, with a thoughtful and warming environment, even time spent in your room will still provide you with a great, relaxing holiday. In 5-star hotel rooms, hypo-allergenic, feathered pillows and king sized bed is only the beginning of days of relaxation and happiness. The bathroom has the same taste, luxury toilets and large soaking tubs, perfect for a soak after a long day sightseeing.

Decent in-room amenities are also a standard feature in Beijing hotels. Air conditioning, safes, cable television with DVD players and a mini-fridge are just a couple of in-room amenities, tourists that travel to Beijing finds in the hotels. Businessmen also find Beijing hotels perfect for conducting work in a relaxing and active setting.

Beijing Tourism Has Something for Everyone

If relaxing is what you’re looking for while holidaying, then staying at a Beijing hotel would be perfect for you. With almost all of the hotels in Beijing providing spa treatments and therapeutic exercises, you’ll be relaxed and in tranquillity, the moment you enter the spas. Historical treatments, from Ancient China and Asia, are perfect for healing the mind, body and soul, and for days of freedom. The luxury doesn’t stop there. Exercise classes in swimming pools and the use of weights are just a couple more of the relaxing treatments and techniques utilized by the Beijing hotels to ensure that you gain a great and relaxing holiday.

Unlike many cities, Beijing hotels offer food from every culture and provides all cuisines. From buffets for those who fancy light meals to Southern Chinese delicacies for those who fancy something more daring, Beijing is a place for those who enjoy all food.

Modern day China provides quality education, great food, cheap living, cultural experiences, good times, and great shopping. For those who learn Chinese in Beijing, they will experience it all. Good news for shopaholics, shopping in Beijing ranks as one of the best places within the country.

Zhongguancun – Beijing

The Zhongguancun area is known as China’s Silicon Valley, because of its many universities and IT-based companies. The area has a large variety of enormous markets, selling anything you can imagine in computers and electronics. What adds to the atmosphere, these shops are all within walking distance from each other.

When you learn Chinese in Beijing and want to purchase electronics within the nation, it is important to realize that prices may be higher than your home country. Many things in China is cheap; electronics are not. Therefore, students on a budget are recommended to purchase all their electronic needs before they arrive in China. If your equipment breaks down, or if you are in need of an upgrade, then Zhongguancun is the place to go when you learn Chinese in Beijing. You will be able to find second-hand electronics here also.

In general, the markets in this area have anything you could need from products to service and repair. Be cautious. However, you could end up paying for it.

Salespeople and atmosphere

Not many salespeople of Zhongguancun speak English. This is usually a good thing however as if you come to learn Chinese in Beijing; it is important to practice speaking Chinese with Chinese and shopping outings which require bargaining serve as great out-of-classroom practice. If you find yourself in need of assistance, do not be shy to ask the Global Language team as they accompany you in pursuit.

Yashow Market – Beijing

Another great shopping location for those who learn Chinese in Beijing is the Yashow Market located in Sanlitun, the famous bar street in Eastern Beijing. The layout here is similar to the design of the Silk Market. Shoes, handbags, and suitcases are sold in the basement. On floors one, two and three there are mainly designer’s clothes, and on level three there is also a tailor with a large selection of silk and suit clothes. This floor also holds some children’s clothes and silk products.

The fourth floor has a concoction of a little of everything. Mp3/Mp4-players, watches, jeweler, pearls, Chinese ornaments, and toys can all be found. Decent beauty salons can also be found tucked away offering you the chance to get your eyebrows trimmed, your nails painted and your feet massaged.
Salespeople and atmosphere.

Cultural Experiences in Beijing City

Martial art, the keyword to self-defence has evolved through centuries and has a deep rooted presence in many civilizations. From primitive times to the modern age, the art of defending oneself has come the long way and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Practices vary and so does training methods. The modern martial art techniques involve physical conditioning in a much more modern scientific approach than it’s predecessor. With new techniques come new styles of fighting and sports entertainment has seen the evolvement of Mixed Martial Arts that combines some martial art techniques to form one composite fighting style.

This phenomenon has caught the world by storm and continues to make its presence felt in a various part of the world. Chinese martial arts have always held a prominent position in the history of martial arts and still are considered as an original figure of martial art. Often the practices of this ancient martial art form are laced with social practices. From the exotic secrecy of time immemorial, this art form ha now spread to various parts of the world. Beijing Gracie jiujitsu is the form of Brazilan jiu-jitsu that focuses on grappling and mat fighting techniques. The concept of this martial arts form is that a comparatively smaller person can defend himself against the attacks coming from much larger opponents. The proper use of leverage and grappling lock techniques sees a much weaker opponent score a victory over the powerful counterpart. This hugely popular art form is gaining popularity in China, a land infused with martial art tradition. The Beijing martial arts academy offers a plethora of martial art training programs for the keen martial arts enthusiasts. The art forms include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts.

The Beijing self-defense classes are custom designed with modern training methods and are mentored by world renowned instructor who imparts the subtle nuances of the art form in the most productive of manners. A result is a unique approach to martial art where the students get to enjoy and make use of useful tips to become martial art artists themselves.

Beijing International

In today’s world, it’s important to have some tricks up one’s sleeve to protect own health in a hostile environment. Even properly imparted from childhood, martial arts training can go a long way in shaping an individual’s character. Equipped with self-defense techniques, one becomes a confident person indeed. The well-deigned classes of Beijing martial arts do provide the pupils a perfect platform to hone their skills. Under the tutorage of Master Royler Gracie, the pupils get the hands-on taste of world class fighting methods that goes a long way in making someone realize their real potential. Andrew Pi, another renowned name in the martial arts circle also impart his training to the knowledge seeking individuals who want to pursue the sports of martial art in an amateur or professional level. It doesn’t need one expert to tell that the pupils of these programs are in experienced hands who thrive to get the best out of each participating individual.


Since the market is a hotspot for tourist, many of the salespeople can speak a degree of English. Because of it being popular among the tourist it is even more important to bargain harder.
When you learn Chinese in China, expect to be taken out on these fun shopping excursions with your Global Language team

Beijing is perfect for everyone. For those who enjoy relaxing, they’re spas. For those that enjoy history and politics, there are large buildings from decades ago. For those who enjoy food and culture, there are hundreds of shopping destinations as well.