Founding Year: 1998

Address: No. 10 Huixin East Street,

Chaoyang District Beijing,

100029 China


The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies was established in 1998 by Fr Ron Anton and was originally known as The Beijing Center for Language. The Beijing Center for Chinese studies (TBC) is a study abroad and research center in Beijing, China for students from across the world. It rests on the mission of promoting mutual understanding of China and other cultures through education, research and cultural exchange.


In the 1980s China opened its doors to the world, after a long period of isolation and struggle. This enabled it to shed more light on a distinct and ancient culture, a culture that was shaped by dynastic rule, Confucius philosophy, striking art forms, political revolution and economic growth. Understanding China’s culture has become more important in the 21st century because China is now one of the most dominant countries in the world.

TBC initially focused on undergraduate study abroad but it has introduced context courses, language training and educational travel within China, which allows its students to immerse themselves in Chinese culture. TBC has provided the world with unprecedented awareness and understanding of China. The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies offers a unique environment, in which students can start engaging with China. TBC’s place in a long tradition of Jesuit education makes it unique, since it emphasizes that true cultural engagements have a background in friendship. TBC focuses on providing students with the necessary equipment and support with which their adventure in China can truly begin.

An Outstanding Place to Study

China is the future, which makes its culture, language, its way of thinking and its economy very important. TBC has pioneered in the field of providing an opportunity for students to examine and understand China as a complex and unique country of endless variety and culture. Students are able to contribute to this global conversation about China through cultural engagement and study. The Beijing Center has an academic program that will advance your Chinese language skills. You will learn Chinese quickly in its studious environment. The students get to learn and observe the historical and cultural roots of Chinese commerce and society.

TBC offers around 75 courses which cover 13 fields of study and are taught in English. The courses concentrate on a wide range of subjects, such as business, arts, Chinese language, history, philosophy, science, martial arts, theology, sociology and political science.


There are so many advantages to studying in China. It’s not only a diverse country in terms of geography and people but it’s also very affordable. China also forms a huge market for multinational corporations and employers are on the lookout for individuals with a good understanding of China, its culture and people. While studying in Beijing, you will never run out of things to. Additionally, there are many great places to see just outside of Beijing.

Unique Faculty

The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies has faculty members who are quite unique, eager to capture the qualities, complexities and colors of China. They are very diverse and multilingual. Most of them are from the most outstanding institutes and universities in China. They are internationally recognized scholars as well as notable researchers. Almost all the professors are Chinese who therefore bring first hand insight, as well as years of experience to their respective disciplines. You will be learning from individuals who have not only studied China extensively, but are actively working and making contributions to their respective fields in Beijing.

Amazing Excursions

China has 1.3 billion people hailing from 56 different ethnicities across a huge land mass of many different climates. Having said that, there is no way you will be able to experience the real China if you just stay in a classroom in Beijing. TBC organizes an academic trip every semester.

In the fall semester there is the Silk Road Trip, which retraces the renowned caravan trade route connecting Europe and China. This is a perfect opportunity for students to discover oasis towns, historic treasures and Tibetan and Muslim nomads. In the spring semester there is the Yunnan trip which explores the ethnic culture and immense diversity of the landscape where Southeast Asia and China meet. Students will get a glimpse of the rich rural lives of Yunnan’s ethnic people. They will be amidst the Himalayan Mountains, walking through the jungles and hills of the region, as well as witnessing remarkable developments that China is working on at the Southwestern border. This forms part of the study program as students are expected to write a research project based on the trips. The experience really prepares students for their future careers.

A Plethora of Options

At TBC students get to choose the type of experience they would like to have in China. TBC have put measures in place to ensure that all its students, regardless of goals for studying abroad, have the best experience ever. TBC has loads of extracurricular activities. The Beijing Centre for Chinese Studies does an awesome job at putting students in a dynamic setting. Immersing students in the culture and language of China, while pushing them to challenge themselves and those around them personally and academically, TBC attracts adventurous and like-minded students.

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