There’s nothing better than becoming an expert in your field of work. You’ll always do everything to perfection. People and clients will always refer to you as the “veteran”. Becoming an expert will not only create a good name for you but will also increase your profits (whether you are selling products or services).

Unfortunately, becoming an expert in something is not that easy. It requires time and effort. There are many rules of becoming an expert. It is said that it takes humans 1000 hours to become an expert in their field. This rule trains you to become a perfectionist in your field of work. This article has everything that foreigners in China need to become an expert in their field of work – teaching, management, engineering and more.

How to build yourself to become an expert witness.

Before addressing the topic “becoming an expert witness,” it’s important to know who an expert witness is. An expert witness is a witness who has more knowledge than that of an ordinary person. This knowledge enables the expert witness to give testimony to an issue that requires other experts to understand. By becoming an expert witness, you’ll be allowed to give an opinion testimony which a non-expert witness may be prohibited from testifying to.

Some factors which determine whether or not you’ll qualify to be an expert witness:

  • The number of years you have practiced in your field of work.
  • The number of works you’ve published.
  • How much experience you have related to the case.
  • Licensing, certificates, education, peer recognition (reputation) and training.

The Chinese Court system has a three-step analysis that determines whether an expert witness would be allowed to testify; Qualification, Reliability, and Helpfulness.

The first requirement (qualification) ensures that the expert is qualified to testify competently regarding the matters he/she needs to address. Reliability evaluates the expert’s scientific opinion. Has the expert’s theory been tested? Has the theory been subjected to peer review and publication? Helpfulness ensures that the expert’s testimony assists the trier of fact.

In China, young foreign experts are retained by attorneys who evaluate claims – they want to see if the claim is valid. A report will also be written. This report will be used to; adjust or settle cases, form an opinion in a case and testify a deposition.

Benefits of becoming an expert witness in China.

  • Sell your expertise
  • Keep in mind that you’ve spent years developing your talents and skills. Therefore, share your expertise on commercial, technical and business matters that will compensate you for your time.
  • Showcase your expertise and talents.
  • Being an expert witness means that you’ll be sharing your talents with the world. You will also play an important role in important commercial and business cases.
  • Stand a chance to join top-notch companies in China
  • With a good reputation among the Chinese people, you will always be on-demand. Top notch local and international companies in China will be fighting over you.

What about becoming an expert in 1000 hours?

Is it a 1000-hour rule or 10000-hour rule? Well, it doesn’t matter. The key to becoming an expert in something is doing it over and over again while learning the mistakes. Scientists have come up with a theory which states that practicing any skill for 10000 hours is enough to make you an expert’. In fact, the Chinese work culture tells the Chinese people that any talent can be learned. This is probably why Asians work so hard.

How do I become a business expert? Or any sort of expert?

If you do something for at least ten years, you are qualified to become an expert. Here are some straight-forward tips of becoming an expert in something.

Use a problem-solution format to write a book

This applies to authors and bloggers. To become an expert in this field, you should take your most read articles or highest rated articles and dig deeper into your ideas. Develop your ideas into branches. The book doesn’t have to be long. The shorter the better. Becoming an author is the first step to becoming an expert writer.

Educate your customers and advocate for them

As an educator, you should work hard at communicating with your customers on a regular basis. For instance, a financial expert should have a site that he/she posts various articles and tips for his/her customers. You should also hold seminars that aim at helping your customers learn more about money management.


Don’t try too hard to please everyone. Try focusing your energy on a few possible clients. In doing so, you will be able to understand your filed of work better. You will also perfect the art of pleasing smaller groups of customers. This technique is suitable for foreigners in China who have ventured in the design industry.

Get interviews on podcasts and radio shows

Using podcasts to deliver your message is easier than getting a radio interview. In fact, podcasts are known to reach a larger amount of people than radio interviews. You should also take advantage of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Speak out

Many people are scared to speak in public. However, participating in seminars and giving speeches is a great way to showcase your skills in your field of work. If you don’t know where to start, be-friend some successful speakers and borrow some few speaking gigs.

When necessary, rebrand and refocus

This applies to foreigners who feel like they aren’t reaching the Chinese people well enough. There’s a high chance that their current business setup is not contributing.