Riverside County is one of 58 counties located in the state of California, in the US. The county seat is at Riverside city, which is where the county got its name.

The county has become home to a great number of people from neighbouring counties who are catapulting to Riverside County in search of jobs. Riverside city jobs offer great opportunities in terms of career growth, job satisfaction as well as earning a good livelihood. Alternatively, volunteering opportunities are abundant in Riverside County for individuals who would like to work for their chosen cause. The strong administrative presence in the county assures that government jobs constitute a major share of employment opportunities.

Other great opportunities exist in the following sectors.

Building and Construction Jobs

Riverside County has been ranked among the fastest growing counties in the state of California; it is the 4th most populated county in the state. At the same time, the county has recorded huge growth in the building and construction sector. In part, this has been attributed to the fact that huge numbers from the Los Angeles working population have moved to the county in the recent past. This has affected the demand and availability of relatively affordable housing in the county. As a result, Riverside County jobs in building and construction have increased to satisfy market demand.

Naturally the growth in population has impacted on the building sector – not just housing – with the erection of infrastructure such as major buildings, highways and airports. All these developments have increased the availability of Riverside County construction jobs as well as the demand for casual employees. Importantly, this has led to an increase in the provision of more effective, robust and cost conscious building solutions and practices in the sector. As a consequence building and construction is continuously expanding so the availability of Riverside County jobs in this sector never falls short.

Transportation Jobs

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In any community, the presence of good transportation networks has the effect of improving other sectors of the economy. Transportation in Riverside County is very much established, as the county has a large network of major interstate and state routes. The presence of Riverside Transit Agency, Pass Transit, Corona Cruiser as well as other public transportation systems has ensured that transportation and drivers’ jobs rank high in the Riverside County jobs portfolio.

There are well established Amtrak and Metrolink train lines which add to opportunities available in the transportation sector. Riverside County is also home to the Palm Springs International Airport which services, local, regional and interstate business operations. General aviation airports like the Blythe, Flabob, Corona Municipal are some of the other airports that service the county.

Not only do transportation networks provide work, they also assure that workers get to work and their business locations on time, thereby increasing their performance when discharging their commitments. This complimentary cycle is important to the continuity of Riverside County jobs.

Higher Education Jobs

Higher education is well established in Riverside County, with several established and renowned universities and colleges. University of California (Riverside), Brandman University, California Southern Law School and Palo Verde College are but a few examples of higher learning establishments in the county and these institutions are key players in offering a multitude of different Riverside County jobs.

Generally, employment in this sector relates to opportunities in research and teaching as professors and tutors are actively engaged with the growing student population. In turn, universities and college administrators are continually in high demand as without them the institutions clearly would not run efficiently. Other professionals like accountants, librarians and lab technicians offer additional support to faculty personnel.

New research fields and pathways have added to the pool of Riverside County academic opportunities. Medical, agricultural and scientific research have gained momentum in the county. The higher education learning institutions have diverse faculty programs that add to the availability of jobs in the county as well.

Recreational Facilities Jobs

Riverside County has several parks, wilderness areas and tourist trails. For instance, it is home to the California Citrus State Historic, Lake Perris and Mount San Jacinto State parks. County parks and trails are found at Jensen Alvarado Ranch, Lake Skinner Recreation Area and Santa Rosa Plateau. These natural wonders offer great Riverside County jobs opportunities for administrators, managers and general purpose personnel and they are always in demand to cater for visitors and tourists. Innovation and artistic talent are also in demand as the majority of the younger population need to be entertained by clowns, face painters, magicians, balloon artists etc.

Several museums and science centres are established locations of interest in the county that also require skilled and unskilled workers. Hospitality in the county goes hand in hand with tourism and leisure. Hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets and general recreation facilities offer continuing and summer job opportunities.

Hospital Jobs

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Riverside County has a well-established hospital system that assures the availability of health sector jobs. The role of hospitals in any community is to assure that the population is consistently taken care of and Riverside County is no exception when it comes to needing a considerable workforce. From doctors to emergency responders, and from nurses to aged-care workers, the health sector continually requires personnel to respond to the needs of the population. Nursing students could gain entry level positions quite easily if they apply for attaché opportunities. Being employed in this way can reduce the theory-practice divide, which is a key problem in the effective practice of nursing.

Hospitals are also leaders in medical research and the development of more effective care across the board. This sector employs many individuals as researchers, research assistants and general administrative staff. These particular health sector Riverside County jobs have great potential for individuals who are seeking to advance their careers or gain relevant experience.

Whichever city you may choose to work in – from Desert Hot Springs to Riverside or Lake Elsinore – Riverside County offers work opportunities that are limited only by your imagination.

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