A TEFL Job (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a fantastic way to see the world and can be a lasting and dependable career. English instructors are in high demand across the globe; you will have no shortage of options when it comes to where you can work. There are some countries where you can find a TEFL Job without any certification, or experience. Be advised that these tend to be the lowest paying and least reliable positions.

Never you mind at this stage thinking about what will be a typical day as an English teacher. Obtaining a TEFL certificate is of the utmost importance if you want to find the best possible position. Nations like China, where English instructors are in high demand, often require specific certification to ensure quality instruction.


A TEFL certificate is a verification that an individual has completed an accredited 120-hour course related to teaching English as a foreign language. This certification is required for many TEFL Job positions; at the very least it will place you ahead of non-certified job seekers. This certification is commonly achieved through a combination of a weekend classroom course and online learning. The only requirements to obtain a certificate are that you are at least 18 years old and a fluent English speaker.

Once you have received your certificate you are ready to go! Whether you choose to teach English in your country or travel abroad, the program where you received your certificate will likely be able to help you start your job search. A typical day as an English teacher will invariably begin with the all-important research for specifics TEFL job opportunities. Some positions are temporary or seasonal. There are always full-time positions available and some of them are long-term career opportunities.

When starting your search you might want to consider what appeals to you. The great thing about a TEFL Job is you can find work in any number of environments: either by the seaside, big city, small town, rural, etc. If an affordable cost of living is important to you, there are many third world nations with a low cost of living that are in need of English teachers. You can always supplement your income with private tutoring as well. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this field is you will have the opportunity to travel as much as you want across the globe!

Learning the local language

Part of the typical day as an English teacher is interacting with the residents. There are other foreigners in China, but you’ll have more interaction with the locals. But how do you learn Chinese when you’re also teaching every day? Mastering Chinese isn’t as difficult as most people believe it to be. There are a lot of different options to incorporate studying Chinese in your day to day routine. There are options such as downloading mobile apps, taking language classes, or conversation exchanges.

Mobile Apps

There are a plethora of language apps to download. The ease of using an app to learn Chinese is that you can virtually take the classroom anywhere you go. Even when you have a break between your classes you can brush up on a few words. The best ones allow you to write, repeat phrases, and quiz you at the end of each lesson.

Private conversations

Sometimes the price of these sessions is just your time, but there are some that charge you per hour. The prices are affordable, as it’s mostly a local trying to make some quick pocket money. This will probably be the most rewarding method of learning Chinese as you may end up with a new friend, and you find out more about the local jargon instead of typical textbook phrases.

Language schools

If you prefer the traditional school vibe over the casual conversations, then maybe language schools will be best for you. There’s a large selection of language schools in the main cities like Beijing and Shanghai, offering flexible schedules, inventive instruction methods, and high-quality, native speaking teachers.



With regards to a typical day as an English teacher, if you have the right qualifications and experience in teaching, then you won’t find it difficult to secure job that will give you daily job satisfaction. Just be wary of the Chinese way, always have a plan B. When you start your new job in China, try to learn the language, be the teacher and the student.

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