You work a minimum 45 hours every week in your day job. Some of you may not like what you are doing or even if you do, you are not too happy with your pay as compared to the money you make for the company. With the current economic instability going on globally, so many people around the world have lost their jobs or taken on more work. Many workers decide to create work that they will love and enjoy; work that fits their lifestyles and even personal goals. So many of them have taken up “be your own boss jobs.”

1. How to be your own boss? See what’s out there

To be your own boss, get to explore all the available options. Look at all the resources in your area one can get to exploit. This way, the willingness that you will have when doing that new job will keep you going throughout the new path that you have taken. These opportunities mostly arise from a solution that one offers to a common Problem. With these three questions, you are bound to know what to do. Is there a gap in the market? Is there a service or product you would like to introduce that will fill that gap? This way you will minimize any free spending that was bound to happen as you will have acquired vital information on the particular thing that you choose to do.

When we imagine we are managers; we want to work from home. Some of these careers are on the internet. With an affordable internet plan installed in your home or even where you can access WiFi, and you have a computer, you can make a decent living online. All you need is a bit of creativity and a few skills.

2. Be self-employed through writing

One of the ideas that you may have when working online is getting an online writing job. With some of the websites like Freelancer, Writer Bay and Guru linking creative and even academic writers to clients, one can earn up to $500 US Dollars in a week. That number is typically dependent on how fast you complete the assignments accorded to you. The other way that you can enjoy working from home is starting a blog. If you have a particular interest in a particular field, and you have your way with words, you can take up blogging. If you are a polished writer and your content is sound, companies will start investing in advertising their product on your blog due to the following that you have accumulated. Though it takes quite a bit of effort and it is relatively slow, bloggers can make a comfortable living if they are consistent with what they do.

3. Be a vlogger

If you feel like words are not your forte, then be your boss in the world of entertainment by starting a YouTube channel. Among the largest video sharing platforms globally with millions of users, YouTube is a fun way of making money online. Just like blogging, one has to accumulate enough followers that will attract investors to your channel. You may receive endorsements from leading firms. You will get the chance to showcase their products and still get paid to do it. How cool is that?

4. Be an online teacher

If you’re not one to attract a lot of attention to yourself, then getting an online teaching job would be ideal for you. Especially language teaching opportunities, online teaching jobs have filled the market. Large nations like China are constantly looking for English teachers. All you have to do is prove your fluency in that language by passing some of the tests that the client may have or have several online certifications that are available at an affordable cost.

5. Be a translator

The teaching scene is not for everyone. Maybe you are a better listener than you are a talker. Several global leaders have entrusted websites with their audios to be transcribed. A platform like TrascribeMe is a great place to start. Take the test and you are set to start your career as a transcriber. Earning about $20 US Dollars for an audio hour that you have transcribed, you can keep to climbing the ranks and getting other duties to perform that will help you earn even more.

6. Start a small business in translation, or in any industry

To be your boss is engaging in online translation services. Many companies outsource documents and audio files that need to be translated. You can snap them up and get paid depending on your proficiency and even the type of assignment that you are taking. Or start your own business.

7. Be self employed in online trading

You can be your boss is by getting into online trading. Maybe, you don’t have your way with words, whether speaking or writing, but your business acumen is very sharp, you can get into online trading. Engaging in things like trading penny stocks can be very helpful to you. Despite the slow growth in one’s capital, this is a sure way of getting profits after a patient wait. One has to take risks at some point. There is evidence that this works since even people as young as high school kids are doing this and making tons of money.

8. Make your career your passion

Lastly, I still believe that not all affordable things are online. If you have a passion, you can make it into your business. Start in your home by making your famous dish that your neighbors enjoy every time that they come over. Once the word is out, you can start charging for your products and in no time you will find that you have your shop.