When finding a good job in China then everyone knows that English speakers have a clear advantage over non-English speakers. Though, if a person is a born Chinese national and has completed his or her degree in China, and can speak, read and write in the English language, then it becomes an additional benefit for that person. Even if that person is not very good at writing, reading or even at spoken English; still it’s considered to be a plus point for that person.

Though, if you are a non-Chinese but you have the good grasp over English writing, reading, and speaking. Then surely you may also have a good chance of getting a decent job in China. As Chinese market require people that can speak and represent their companies business globally and this require English as a language. So, any person whether he or she is from Western world or even from other parts of the world having English as their first, second or third language can get a good job in China and secure their future as well.

8 Jobs in China for English Language Speakers

1. English Editor-Writer-Journalist

Becoming an English Journalist, Editor or even a Writer in China is considered to be a good option instead of going and teaching English at different English language centers in China. As in Beijing only there are about half a dozen state-run English language TV channels, newspapers, online news portals and radio stations that are blasting out news and updates to the world. The core advantage working in these media organization is that you can lay your ground for future growth and expand your network in Chinese media allowing you to become famous and earn good cash for it too.

2. Marketing Manager

As Chinese giant organizations like Xiaomi and Alibaba are seeking to expand their markets globally, they require professionals in the field of marketing and especially from Western countries. These experts would have expertise in the area of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and in English Content Development. All this allows them to reach out to their potential buyers online easily.

3. Project Manager

In Chinese corporate world where Managers are considered to be the kings, leading their teams in a way they wanted to. Chinese project managers don’t have a good know how about how a project is managed and how to complete it correctly without getting things out of control. So, a professional project manager from the Western side is required who can speak English as well as has some good experience in managing and delivering projects on time.

4. Voice Talent

Voice talent is in high demand in China, as the thirst for the latest news and updates have grown a lot since past, so the requirement of voice recording companies or studios are also on the high rise as well. The work may include documentaries on TV, textbook dialogues, advertisements, dubbing for films and audio guides for tourists. Though these kinds of jobs are not very high paying ones, to land a better paying job you need to train your voice, create some demo recordings and learn to person on sight and even with editing.

5. Become an Actor or Model

Having a Western-looking face with English language fluency can be very beneficial for a person who is looking for a job in China. If that person has some skills in acting and modeling then for sure, it’s a big advantage for him or her to earn good cash by performing in movies, dramas, advertisements or becoming a model for a product display or launch. As Western face and English language accent attracts many people within China and gives them confidence in buying that product. Similarly, a Western face is considered to be more attractive than traditional Chinese faces in films and movies that are made in China. Initially, there is a chance that you might get a low pay but as your experience will grow you might be able to gain a good deal of money by becoming an actor or a model.

6. A Sales Manager

Finding a job in China as a sales manager is not an easy task for anyone. Even for an English speaking person it’s not easy to convince an employer to hire you as their sales manager. But if you have a good grasp of English, and you can communicate well in written and verbal modes then it’s a good chance that you might gain a job opportunity in China that pays you well. There would be task related to talking to clients and potential customers over E-mail, Phone or even one on one in the English language that impresses them to take your company’s product or services.

7. A Translator

Working as an English language translator in China is one of the most common jobs in China and this area of the job is present since many years, or you can say for many decades. It’s not that easy as it sounds to be as a translator must be able to comply with the requirement and standards required by a company or an individual. As most of the time, it needs to be totally business oriented so having a good experience in business dealing or communication is a distinct advantage.

8. As An English Language Teacher

Anyone who can speak, read and write in the English language can easily avail the opportunity to become an English Language teacher in China. As the Chinese job market still needs teachers of English language for all the levels i.e.: Kindergartens, Schools, High Schools, and Colleges and even for Universities as well. So, you can easily consider that the chances are limitless for people having good proficiency in English.