Starting a prosperous career in China is not as simple as it might seem. Although the economy of this huge country is strong and offers a lot of opportunities, even to foreign employees, the competition can be high if you don’t know how to find an opportunity.

Jobs in China are not only challenging, but they also give workers a lot of responsibility. Plus, although the economy may give promises of a high salary, new employees have to prove their excellent skills before they can get a massive raise. Even so, these are the best full-time jobs in China that offer the highest salaries:


Management jobs in China are probably the most rewarding of all. It is not just about the money, however, because being a manager in China broadens your horizon more than you could imagine. Employees do not get as much individual responsibility. They usually work in teams, and they develop strong communication and leadership skills.

Accounting and Finance

Those who are looking for jobs in China in the accounting and finance field will quickly find accounting support opportunities, as well as payroll jobs, bookkeeper jobs, and others. Plus, most of the hiring companies offer new employees professional training and support.


Although nursing requires some official certifications in the medical field, workers who come to China from abroad can enroll in undergraduate schools to practice this job. After graduation, most of them can easily find full-time jobs in China to work as professional nurses. The reason is that China has a population of over 1.3 billion people, which is extremely high, and there is only one nurse available for one thousand inhabitants in the same area. To be exact, there are 1.3 million nurses currently working in Chinese hospitals. As a result, the need for such employees has grown 2.5 percent higher than the general projection.


China is a big, complex, and diverse state which offers one of the most exciting and competitive markets in the world. Today, as new media is rapidly replacing traditional media, advertisers receive an abundance of new opportunities. Most of them work in digital media, sponsorship, and other platforms of this kind.

jobs for foreigners at different levels

The primary challenge in advertisement jobs in China is creating media plans that bring results. People can work in many advertising fields, including television and the Internet. However, the Internet has become more efficient. Foreign advertisers in China can earn enormous salaries by advertising on blogs and social networks, e-commerce, and even through online gaming.


After medical jobs in China, engineering jobs are also extremely popular and well paid. As the world’s technology and science have advanced considerably, companies are looking for smart engineers everywhere to bring their ideas to life and sell them. Over the years, professional engineers have contributed a lot to the economy of this massive state.

An excellent perk of being an engineer in China can choose from a wide range of specializations. Foreign workers can get jobs in Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, and many other options.

jobs for foreigners at different levels


Chinese architecture has a vast history of over 5000 years. Nowadays, architects in China try to construct buildings which are adapted to the modern western styles while still keeping some parts of the traditional architectural system. With 16% of the GDP being spent yearly solely on building resistant constructions, the market is not expected to slow down its pace anytime soon. In other words, being an architect in China is one of the most rewarding careers to have.


Attorneys will also find many jobs in China that pay well. However, law firms are quite demanding, and can be very challenging, especially for lawyers who come from abroad. Not only do they have to be able to read contracts in Chinese but they also have to be able to communicate fluently in both English and Chinese, have a clear idea of what they are offering, and of course, integrity.

Although it can be quite difficult to stand out in a hectic industry, such as the ones mentioned above, once you manage to do that you will benefit from so much more than other states can offer. But there is a key that can lift you up to meet the eyes of the dominant employers, which is what we know as passion.


Teaching jobs in China are much needed. Most of the Chinese habitants study English from early ages, and some of them even offer private lessons to other Chinese people in their native tongue. Even so, the country is huge, and the need for teachers is constantly growing.

The salaries for this job are also promising, so one can never go wrong with a teaching career in China.