Many people move through life without knowing how smart they are. IQ is something difficult to measure, therefore unless you are willing to pay an arm and a leg, you will never know exactly where your IQ lies. Nevertheless, there exists some interesting clues and assumptions that are signs that you are smarter than the average bear, meaning you have high intelligence.

If you have one or some of the following, you are regarded as having a high IQ. Whether by nature or nurture, the simple fact is that some people are smarter than others. See how many of these science-based things apply to you:

1. You’re anxious.

Thinking of anxiety as a good trait is hard, but evidence shows that it is not always bad. Psychiatrists studied some patients who have anxiety disorders. They found out that the people who had the worst anxiety symptoms also had higher IQ scores compared to those who had milder symptoms. From other studies, it is clear that people found with high verbal IQ scores were those with higher levels of anxiety.

In Israel, some researchers requested participants to evaluate some artwork that was presented by a computer software program that then triggered a dangerous but faked computer virus; this made it look like it resulted from something done by that participant. The participants were sent on an urgent mission to get technical support, only to pose a series of obstacles their way. They discovered that only the most anxious ones were more focused, efficient, and serious at how they executed tasks. Therefore, when somebody asks you to stop having a lot of worries, just respond by saying it is your smart intellect getting in the way.

2. You were an early reader.

Basically, most children who begen reading earlier often have higher IQ scores than their siblings. Being more straightforward, it seems easier to explain this way: kids who learned reading early did so because they had an easier time learning how to read. The researchers made a conclusion that learning to read early has a developmental impact. It makes kids smarter. Therefore, if in your childhood, you were an early reader, chances are that you are smart.

3. You are left-handed. At some point, It turned out that teachers who forced lefties to write using their right hands had it backward.

There is a little unexplained relation between being a left-handed person and being a criminal. One study demonstrated that being left-handed is associated with some kind of divergent thinking, more so in males. This is a unique ability to combine two unrelated objects, in such a meaningful way, therefore a sign of intelligence.

4. You took music lessons as a kid.

Some studies demonstrate that musical training has always enhanced executive function and verbal intelligence, a skill that is critical to focus and as well self-control.

5. You are funny.

An adamant connection lies between being funny and having high abstract reasoning and verbal intelligence.

6. You wear a cape to the office and spend a lot of time wondering about alternate universes.

You are offbeat, in your world, and dancing to the beat of your drum. The box is not for you; the box is for everyone else.

smarter than the average bear

7. You were a virgin in high school.

Research shows that adolescents with an IQ score above 110 (90 is considered average) are more likely to be virgins. That’s okay; smarter people are also pickier.

8. You play an instrument.

smarter than the average bear

There is growing evidence that musicians have structurally and functionally different brains compared with non-musicians. In other words, reading music is hard, playing music is hard, and figuring it all out takes some serious brain power!

9. You believe that nothing good can be accomplished before noon…

Apparently, being a night owl is a trait of higher intelligence. Of course, it is, now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to bed.

10. You use Social Media…but, not to excess.

You like to learn about people and enjoy feeling connected through social, but you have no use (or patience) for check-ins at work (shouldn’t they be working?), or a zillion hashtags. #eyeroll.

11. You’re a cat person.

Enough said.

12. You’re a bit of a heavy drinker…for a girl.

The Telegraph reported in 2010 on a study at the London School of Economics finding that: “The more educated women are, the more likely they are to drink alcohol on most days. Oddly enough, the opposite is true for men.

13. You can fill out a sweater.

A 2011 study of 1,200 women dicovered that women who have larger breasts are more intelligent.

14. Your glass is always “half empty.”

“Western culture lacks esteem for intellectual values.” In other words, Western society tends to focus on superficial things such as looks and athletic ability, which is why they pay athletes millions and teachers pennies and why those who know Pythagorean theorem but can’t hit the broad side of a barn tend to have self-esteem issues. This is also probably why a lot of people with higher IQs also suffer from mental illness.

15. The only thing “social” about you is your Facebook page

You are all about “liking” that hot new club that appears on your newsfeed but going there? With other people?? That would require an evening of over thinking; What am I going to wear? Who else is going to be there? Please don’t let me say something stupid! Ugh! You’re exhausted just thinking about it.

smarter than the average bear

16. Etch-A-Sketch was your favorite childhood toy.

Because you loved to doodle and you still do! Research suggests that making random scribbles implies a high IQ.

17. Your siblings are smart.

Studies show that intelligence tends to run in families, so if your siblings are brilliant, odds are you are too!

18. You talk to yourself.

But only because, more often than not, you’re the only one who will understand.

19. Geminis rule.

One of the many, many, many reasons to love Geminis is that we’re the smartest! We know, but it’s nice to be noticed!

Bringing It All Together

This list is far from exhaustive, so if none of the items above apply to you, it doesn’t exclude you from having a high IQ. But if a lot of these items do apply to you, you just might be smarter than the average bear.

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