We live in a wonderful world where mysteries are waiting to be discovered at every corner. But as beautiful and magnificent this world is, we have to admit that some things can be really weird – some things you won’t even believe that even exists.

This odd thing exists in everything – in nature, in us, humans, and even in this modern society. For instance, jobs are no longer common, normal, or ordinary.

Today, in every field is a weird niche that it’s hard to imagine that is actually a real thing. In China, for example, there are a lot of well-payed jobs that imply to do weird and uncommon things like hugging a panda and face jobs for white people to pretend to be important businessmen.

And the list doesn’t stop there. Literally, there are jobs in China that you would never believe that exists and which are also pretty well paid. Of course, there are weird jobs all over the world but if there is a place with the most shocking jobs, China is definitively the place.

Therefore, with no further ado, in today’s post, we’re presenting all the most shocking jobs in China you won’t believe that actually exists.

Hotel Test Sleeper job in China

1.    Hotel Test Sleeper

Travelling is one of the most beautiful and life-changing experience you can have on earth. But no matter how amazing it is, sleeping in hotel rooms will never ever come close to the comfort we have in our own bed.

Of course, today, hotels pay more and more attention to this aspect in order to improve the customer experience as much as possible. In China, to make sure that they really brought the comfort of sleeping in their own bed, they created a new job: hotel test sleeper – the perfect job if you ask me.

This is a pretty amazing job if you ask me. According to College Paper Writing experts, all day long, all you have to do is to sleep in different beds and report your experience – the pros and cons of sleeping in that bed.

So, it official, sleeping is a skill now – at least in China is. But honestly, it sounds like the perfect job – waking up is no longer an issue, so you can’t ever be late, and you’ll leverage free accommodation anywhere in the world while earning a great salary. What more can you wish for?

Standing in the queue job in China

2.   Standing in the Line for Other People

Have you ever wasted hours standing in line just to get your coffee, food, or groceries? If not, at least try to add up all the minutes you spend daily standing in line, I bet it will turn into hours, of course, depending on the city you live in.

Nevertheless, if you are a busy person in general, you can’t afford to spend that much time standing in line to get your order. 

China figured out that this is a major problem for busy persons, and in order to solve it, they created a new job, that standing in the line is all the skill you have to have. It’s a great job actually and all the countries should have it.

Just think about it, having a person standing in line for whatever you need and also bringing it to you. It pretty much sounds like a personal servant, but we’re living busy and modern lives these days so, we can call it personal assistant.

According to Custom Essay Papers research, 68% of people from the US are spending from 12 to 20 hours per week just standing in line. Therefore, a service like this is very much needed – just think about how much time a person would save in a year.

monitoring adult content job in China

3.   Porn-Monitors

Don’t get any ideas now, it’s not what it seems, but, yes, porn-monitors is really a job in China. Before your mind goes in the wrong direction, porn-monitor is not just a person who is paid to watch adult content. 

Well basically they are monitoring pictures, videos, information and filtered messages with pornographic content from the internet but it’s all to make sure that there’s no crime committed.

Therefore, they are more like a special department from internet police. This job is pretty much required thinking that China is fighting against porn and internet abuse, and, they’re paying around $2000 per month.

If you spend most of your day watching adult content, you can go to China and do it for money at least. Even if you’re not into that, it’s a pretty good job if you think about it, and you’re also helping to combat crime.

Bridesmaid job in China

4.   Bridesmaids

To be a bride or a bridesmaid is the dream of many young girls all around the world. I mean, if you think about is actually a great goal to have at such a young age – to be married and in love with a beautiful, wealthy husband, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, most of those little girls might not live up to their dreams because we may have different purposes in life. But, no matter of your purpose in life, now, in China you can be paid to live up to your dream of being a bridesmaid.

That’s right, Chinese women are hiring other women to be their bridesmaids, and all you have to do is to have fun and be the best bridesmaid ever. 

According to the research, 37% of married women didn’t have bridesmaid at their women and they would have definitively hired some if they could. So, bridesmaids could turn into a really great job all around the world.

Punching human bag job in China

5.   Human Punching Bags

Have you ever got so mad because I don’t know, you worked so hard to get a promotion and they gave it to someone else or because you found out that your girlfriend cheated on you and all you want to do is to punch someone in the face?

Well, that wouldn’t be so nice, but since in China people are paid to be punching bags, you are free to unleash your demons and your rage at someone without having to feel bad for it – that person knows what he signed up for.

The sad part is that this became to be a job from some people’s desperate need for money. But I guess it’s worth it. Xie Shuipeng, a 48 years old man from China earns surround 20000 yuan monthly from letting people punch him in the stomach.

Therefore, if you know how to take a punch, and you don’t mind to be punched a dozen times a day, you can make a living from being punched.

Granny police job in China

6.   Granny Police

When you think that Chinese people couldn’t get any smarter, they create a job like granny police. Which is extremely smart if you think about it.

Chinese culture is all about respecting the elders, so, grannies would have all the right to ask anyone what they’re up to or to tell somebody that they shouldn’t be there. As well, old people don’t look that scary and imposing as law enforcement does in their smart uniforms.

Moreover, you know that there’s that law in China – you’re not allowed to have more than one child. I bet you know what I’m talking about, but how do you think this law is actually respected?

Policemen’s are busy enough with real criminals, so, granny police is the perfect law enforcement to make sure that women are making abortion if they already have one child. 

Honestly, there’s no better person than a granny with a lot of life experience to handle this matter.

Gold Farmer job in China

7.    Gold Farmers

If you’re playing computer games you should definitively know what gold farming is. If you don’t, long story short, some players are exchanging real life money into virtual money to buy several items that will improve their game experience.

But this is not like cheating, it an organized company that is farming virtual gold to sell to players in exchange for real money. 

Therefore, the job implies to play all day, but not to kill dragons and have fun, just to earn gold. But this job might not be for anyone because Chinese people understood that this kind of playing is not fun and there aren’t that many people as they need to do it willingly, so it’s a prison job.


And the award for the weirdest jobs on Earth goes to China, obviously. If you want to make a lot of money for doing ordinary things like standing in the line for other people or just wearing a suit and attending to meeting pretending to be a businessman, China is the right place for you.

Or you dreamed all your life to be the perfect bridesmaid but you know you’ll never have the chance? Well, in China you can turn your dream into a full-time job and earn more money than you could earn from a normal job.

I believe that today we learned that everything is possible and that in China every man’s wish can be turned into a legit job.

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