Steve Jobs is honored all around the world, especially in the tech industry. His creative contributions have been significant in technology and media, most famously in his contributions to Apple. Having owned two technological giants, Apple, and Pixar, Steve gained a level of respect that most entrepreneurs only dream of.

Steve Jobs

His philosophy emphasizes product excellence rather than market survival skills. When you can differentiate yourself in the industry and become a first mover, you are the winner. iMac, iPhone, iPad, etc. are all excellent examples. They are all gorgeous, fast, and no products can compare. Many products try to follow the similar path, but the technology is not competitive enough making Apple the dominant player.

Jobs did not look for consumer demand, he created it through foreseeing the trends and building up new ideas. He is considered the guy who changed the world through mindset. People hold Apple’s products not only because they are useful, but because they are cool and bring users to the next level. Whoever starts using Apple’s products will likely not change brands due to consumer’s strong brand loyalty.

Job’s nonstop efforts inspire us in any career. We need to keep looking for what we love and be consistent to gain great success. “Stay hungry and stay foolish,” said Steve. We need a fire in doing anything to reach the target, and every success starts with love and persistence.

Steve Jobs: Bio

Steve Jobs is a computer entrepreneur and innovator who co-founded Apple Inc. and became Chief Executive of Pixar Animation Studios.
He was adopted in California. Dropping out of Reed College after a semester, he took a job as a technician at Atari, a video game manufacturer.

In 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple. Jobs has been described as an erratic and temperamental manager by his employees. In 1985, Jobs resigned from Apple and founded NeXT, a computer platform development company specializing in the higher-education and business markets.

He returned Apple in 1996 and served as CEO from 1997 until August 2011 when he stepped down. Shortly after, Steve Jobs passed away due to pancreatic cancer in California. Today, Steve Jobs is considered a legendary pioneer and a visionary genius.

Everybody is well aware of the amazing achievements of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc. However, there may be a few things about the technological innovator you didn’t know and these are seven of them.

1. Parents encouraging their children to stay away from drugs might be dismayed to find out that not only did Steve Jobs take LSD in his youth, but that he considered it a significant experience.

2. Just like people associate Bill Gates with Microsoft, it seemed unthinkable to have Apple without Steve Jobs, but that was exactly the case from 1985-1996. After Jobs was unceremoniously ousted from the company he co-founded, he would prove that the board at Apple had made a massive mistake.

3. So what did Steve Jobs do while he was in the Apple wilderness? Well, the same year that he departed Apple he launched the computer company NeXT. You might not have heard of that company, but you’ll surely have heard of the little animation studio he bought a year later: Pixar. Bought for $5 million from George Lucas, the studio would go on to produce blockbuster hits such as Finding Nemo and Toy Story.

4. The inventor of the iPhone was adopted at birth by a middle-class American couple. His birth parents were a Syrian man and a woman of German descent.

5. Although Steve Jobs never met his biological father, he claimed to have a good relationship with his sister, the novelist Mona Simpson. As for Jobs and children, he once denied fathering a daughter, claiming to be impotent.

6. While you might imagine a bitter rivalry existed between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, the two were very respectful of each other. Gates even went as far to say that Jobs was the CEO he respected the most.

7. In 1997 Microsoft invested $150 million into Apple in exchange to have Internet Explorer put on iMacs, an unprecedented deal for the companies involved.

Jobs: the Master Magician

Still demanding and driven, Steve had evolved into a sophisticated leader. Steve understood that none of us know what we are truly capable of, and so demanded more of his designers and engineers. The result was a series of products and designs that made the world take notice. Apple made a series of mistakes such as Newton, Pippin, The Tam, Macintosh TV, and G4 Cube, but learned from them and quickly moved on! Success was the focus. Steve Jobs did not get stuck on products because he was always looking for the next big thing. It was his genius that drove him to create the next piece of magic.

Things you can learn from Steve Jobs

1. Don’t get hung up on your product or service – businesses need to evolve, and to grow you need to plan where your customers are going, not where they are today. Spend more time planning.

2.  Don’t forget the magic – it is the sizzle that sells the steak! Create wonder and mystery about what you do no matter what you deliver.

3. Demand the very best from yourself and your team. Hire the best and lead them to be better than they ever imagined possible.

4. Don’t be afraid to sell. To convince the world that they need you!

5. You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere

6. If you react, if you follow the crowd you can never be first!

Steve Jobs was not a genius but a real magician. He gave us what we wanted before we even knew it ourselves. He inspired us with design and function – he dared to imagine what was impossible and demand that it be possible. With passion for perfection and excellence, he revolutionized tablet computing, personal computers, phones, music, animated movies, and digital publishing industries, making him a technology giant and legend.

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