With expenses spiraling upwards nowadays, a single source of income is often insufficient to meet household needs. For moms- whether single or with a male partner- the situation is aggravated further since they have to care for kids while handling domestic chores.

Several new vistas to make a career without leaving home are now available for women. Hence, moms can work from home without the need to hire babysitters or send their children to a crèche. Here we look at topmost and legit careers for work from home moms.

Legit Careers for Work from Home Moms

The Internet offers immense opportunities for moms to work from home. Working flexible hours is also possible for work from home moms that gives them sufficient time to tend to kids and complete household work.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant or VA is an excellent career for work from home moms. It involves working as a secretary to some top boss or business owner. The job involves completing administrative functions, maintaining records, responding to emails and completing a host of other online tasks, similar to a secretary at brick-and-mortar office.

Additionally, VAs also assists in making telephone calls, online marketing, keeping accounts, scheduling appointments and interviews as well as public relations functions. In brief, there is no dearth of functions for which VAs are needed. Work from home moms can make a career as VA in almost any industry.

Globally, the demand for VAs is on the rise. Indeed, VAs for almost every skill is required nowadays. Working as VA is a legit career for work-from-home moms and pays lucrative income. In fact, work from home moms can find jobs easily online, especially if you are living in China. The reason: Real estate prices in China are fairly high. Hence, businesses opt for a smaller officer or allow employees to work from home.

Online Translator

With China becoming the world’s manufacturing powerhouse, industries look to forge partnerships with foreign companies. Additionally, companies from other countries look for a trade with Chinese businesses. However, there is a scarcity of people in China that can provide reliable translations from Putonghua to English and other major languages of the world.

Work from home moms that have excellent skills in Putonghua and other foreign languages- especially English can make a great career as an online translator. Businesses require translations for several purposes: translating legal documents, notices, advertisements, contract papers and other important paperwork. Hence, they are willing to pay excellent remuneration to anyone that can provide these services.

As a legit career for work from home moms, women can also provide real-time translations for video conferences between Chinese businesses and their foreign counterparts. Providing real-time translations during video conferences is a very valuable skill and can help earn much higher income.


Another excellent and legit career for work from home moms is blogging. Thousands of women around the world are earning very high income from blogging. All it requires is a passion for something specific such as cuisine, fashion, music, movies, shopping: the field is very vast. And it needs some great writing skills.

Work from home moms that have moderate level computer skills can easily work as bloggers. Blogging does not require much investment. You can start a blog with less investment or if you don’t want to invest, you can open a free blog at websites such as Blogger and Wix among others. Another great tool to explore would be Edu Birdie plagiarism checker.

Or with some investment, they can buy a great domain name and website hosting plan with other essentials. Blogging also enables work from home moms to boost income through affiliate marketing programs for various businesses.

Medical Transcriptions

Working as a medical transcriptionist is one more legit career for work from home moms. In fact, medical transcription is a fairly simple task and can be performed by any woman with good listening and understanding skills. Jobs are medical transcriptionist can be easily found in any part of China since the country has a very sophisticated healthcare system.

Medical transcriptions involve working from home for a company that provides the facility to hospitals and clinics. Alternatively, work from home moms can tie-up with any good hospital or healthcare provider in their area to work as a medical transcriptionist.

The hospital, clinic or healthcare facility usually sends a lot of raw data in the form of audio recordings between a patient and physician, chatter in a surgery room and communication between Emergency Medical Service responder. Medical transcription involves listening to these raw feeds to make short summaries. These transcriptions are stored in digital format as records.

Data Entry

Data entry jobs are easily found at all locations in China. It is a lucrative and legit career for work from home moms. Also, it offers the flexibility of work hours. Data entry services are needed by government departments, educational institutes, private businesses, financial companies and almost every other organization that receives applications by email or on paper.

All work from home moms will find data entry a very simple work. The employer generally provides a template or standardized format and the raw data. Data entry operators have to take the relevant data from these forms and applications and fill it inappropriate sections provided on the employer’s template.

Usually, all data entry jobs come with a specific target and deadline. Completing and submitting the work on a deadline is important. However, work from home moms can make more money by exceeding the target for the day and submitting before the deadline.

Content Writer

As large companies try to make inroads into the vast and lucrative Chinese market, there is a huge demand for content writers that can provide excellent articles written in Putonghua. These businesses also require content that suits the wonderful culture and traditions of China. They also ensure that nothing that can offend or contradicts Chinese culture or has a different meaning in the local language goes on their website.

Content writing is not only a legit career for work from home moms it is a very respected and high paying profession too. Since Chinese women are well versed in local sensitivities, they are in a much better position to write content for businesses or even bloggers that are targeting people in the giant economy of Asia.

Work from home moms will find content writer jobs very convenient. They can write during spare time, keeping deadlines in mind. Most of them will also use sauce a handy tool like AResearchGuide free plagiarism checker to save time on research and proofreading. Also, an online search for content writer jobs in China will reveal dozens of opportunities. Content writers usually charge per word. Since Chinese words are fairly complex, fees are high too.

Online English Tutor

A simple search on any good recruitment portal will reveal there are countless jobs for online English tutors available in China. They are generally categorized as English as Second Language (ESL) tutors. And Chinese students are willing to pay high fees to master English as a second language. While a lot of expatriate women in China work as online English tutors, there is a growing need for indigenous women to fill these roles.

The reason work from home moms can take online English tutoring as a career is simple: those who want to learn English will usually be proficient in Putonghua or other Chinese dialects. Hence, they require ESL tutors with whom they can effectively communicate in their native tongue. Also, students desirous of learning English wish to learn proper pronunciation and grammar.

Work from home moms has two career options as ESL tutors: they can work from home on behalf of any good educational institute or launch their own business. Both propositions are equally lucrative and fetch high incomes. Online tutoring can also be extended to teaching Putonghua to expatriates from different countries living in China.

More Options for Work from Home Moms

Other than legit careers for work from home moms, there are several other legal ways to earn money in China.

  • Graphic designing: Chinese arts are very intricate and creating graphic designs that appeal to the local audience can be a daunting task for foreigners. Work from home moms can consider graphic designing as a career.
  • Online Consultancy: Providing consultancy in various spheres is also a great career for work from home moms. Clients will generally include foreign businesses wanting to enter China.
  • Financial Advisory: Providing financial advisory to expatriates living in China is also a profitable career since most foreigners are unaware of investment options in the country.

In Conclusion

With the easy availability of high-speed Internet and excellent computers, work from home moms can easily make a great career by performing tasks from home. Career options that are listed above are perfectly legit and require no special permits or licenses from any authorities. However, blogging and content writing have to be done carefully and has to comply with existing policies of the government. A lot of careers for work from home moms can be found online through reputed job portals. Working for foreign clients helps to earn more income in a legit way.