Nowadays, getting a teaching job has become harder and harder. This is probably the reason why most people are looking for teaching jobs abroad. However, not all countries will give you an easy time working as a foreigner. Luckily, China may offer exactly what you’re looking for.

To begin with, China is the most populous country in the world with a population of over 1 billion. This means that the country has many cultures, languages, and religions. If you desire to teach in China, you should focus on becoming an English teacher. Why? Most Chinese citizens learn English as their second language, and public schools start teaching English as early as 1st and 3rd grades.

As you teach english in China, you should be ready to set numerous English grammar exams for your students. Here are some methods that might come in handy.

7 best English teaching methods in China

Introduction Group – Work during some of the lessons

Have you heard the quote “There’s no better teacher than a fellow student?” Well, breaking students into small groups so that they can practice among themselves is the most effective way of getting them to speak English. Unlike Mathematics and other subjects, English requires both oral and theoretical practice.

Ensure that the groups have a maximum of 3 students. This provides a relaxing, comfortable and safe micro-environment for them to practice. It’s natural for students to feel intimidated or shy when the teacher is directly engaged.

Use a diverse learning plan

As you teach in China, you should try using various learning methods. Keep in mind that your students, just as back home, have different backgrounds and will hence each learn differently. Therefore, you should mix reading, listening, writing and observing with oral learning. Visual stimulation might also make the students more interested, especially when they’re bored.

Minimize using the dictionary

Anytime a new word pops up, students will sometimes rush to the dictionary. However, they should internalize its meaning and understand the context first. This prevents them from translating phrases and words directly. Explain to them that direct translation could confuse them more.

Add more student talking time (STT) to your lesson

To be the best English teacher in China, you should understand that students learn more by doing. Of course, they often won’t use the language outside the classroom. You’ll want to maximize STT during the lesson. It’s important to note that as you teach in China, there is a fine line between speaking freely during class and explaining the proper structure of the English language. Ensure that you allocate time to correct any grammar mistakes or answer questions.

What about name tags?

You probably won’t be able to remember all your Chinese student’s name on the first day. Using name tags will let you communicate with them until you remember their actual names. This will motivate them to learn more.

Ensure that you give homework

After class Chinese students will return to their home where English is not used to communicate. This is the biggest challenge facing all students who study foreign languages. Thus, it’s imperative that you give your student’s homework so they can focus on English after classes. Ensure that the homework is related to what you taught them that day.

Come up with cultural lessons

This is how you make English personal and relevant. You want your students to internalize and be interested in the lesson. For example, you can use their personal experiences to teach English. Let them tell the class what they did the previous weekend, what their home is like, describe their pets or anything that makes them tap into their personal world. Also, this will make your students more passionate about the words and phrases they have learned in class. As you spend more time in China, ensure that what you teach becomes relevant to the Chinese culture – this will spice up the language.


Teaching English in China might appear challenging due to different cultures and religion. However, following the above tips will improve your teaching skills as you teach in China. Always set assessment tests, keep track of how your students are progressing and bring in more STT. Teaching English in China has never been this fun or easy.