With the summer here, there are those who have saved enough to have fun all summer long. However, most people work during the summer. If you are looking for a summer job, read on to learn how to land a summer job and some jobs you may be interested in.

Target Industries That Boom During Summer

To get that job that you need during the summer, it is necessary that you target those industries that reach their boom in the summer. There are businesses such as tourism and entertainment that are hot in the market during the summer season. The reason being that those who go for vacation require these service-oriented businesses at their reach.

Experience Is Not Necessary

It is imperative to realize that most summer jobs do not have much reason for experience. Most employers frequently hire the first trustworthy candidates who have a reason to apply. Summer jobs are open all through the season as there is always need for extra help when an employer realizes that they need to hire more help as opposed to what they anticipated.

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Stay Open To Working Multiple Jobs

Ensure that you can beat the summer heat and manage more than one job at a time. Most applicants for summer job have a resume that has more than one job in the last two summers. You do not have to plan for the said jobs, all that is required is enthusiasm.

Take Risks and Experiment

When you try to find a summer job as a college student, you the world is your oyster. You have that adventurous attitude that one normally has as a young adult. As you try, you get to learn what works and what does not.

Learn Specific Qualities That Suit You

Play up on various talents that lead to success in the job that you do. As a student, you need a flexible schedule to have time on your life as a young adult. Aim for those jobs that employers require experience or where you feel challenged by people you are dealing with. This gives you an opportunity to improve on experience and help you gain rank every year.

Do Not Risk Starting Your Own Business

You may take this risk if your plan for business involves making money from the onset. You need return on investment if you are to start a business that will only run for the duration of summer. Therefore, ensure that you start a job that will give these returns from when you begin business.

Aim To Return The Following Year

If you work hard and please your employer, they will be willing to give you a job the following summer. Companies that hire for summer jobs usually look for temporary help. Therefore, making a good impression the first time gives you a place you can come back to the following summer.

Where to Find a Summer Job

tips for summer

When you think about getting a summer job, you can consider the following 60+ tips so that you not only have fun but also cash to show for it.

1. a family business
2. previous employers
3. a friend who has a family business
4. doing odd jobs at home
5. going to student career centers
6. bureaus, services, and local employment
7. restaurants and stores
8. shopping centers and malls
9. advertisements in regional local or national newspapers
10. classified advertisements
11. online job boards
12. seasonal or summer job board
13. online forums where you get information from people on their vacation plans
14. witter accounts that have a list of summer jobs
15. facebook pages and groups that offer general information on available jobs
16. craigslist sites that cover your location
17. websites that have information on hiring during the summer.
18. Farms
19. summer camps
20. summer schools
21. having a lemonade stand
22. picking fruit
23. dental or medical clinics
24. customer service and call centers for companies
25. life guarding
26. companies that tryout interns during the summer
27. au pairs and mother helpers
28. beaches have several jobs you can choose from.
29. Pet walkers and pet sitting
30. Daycare centers
31. national parks
32. campgrounds
33. Theme parks and amusement parks
34. bars and clubs
35. amusement parks and theme parks
36. outdoor cafes and ice cream parlors
37. toy stores
38. shops, photo studios, and camera stores
39. movie theaters
40. catering
41. hotels, motels and inns
42. annual festivals in your locality
43. various businesses that make use of the summer season to prepare for the fall.
44. Writing and selling on Kindle
45. doing projects on Freelancer.com
46. buying and selling things on eBay
47. online marketing using your youtube, twitter, facebook, and Instagram
48. Working on surveys and reviewing of products.
49. drop shipping
50. online consultations on your expertise
51. video editing if you can edit videos. Sites are offering those jobs.
52. brokering deals for people by connecting suppliers with consumers
53. translating languages if you are multilingual
54. transcribing jobs
55. editing photographs and creation of posters and banner contents using available software.
56. videography if you have a camera and can edit or get help from a friend.
57. car wash
58. starting a website for whatever field you are good at and getting paid for the services.
59. retailing products for companies where you deliver for a profit.
60. working for an aquarium
61. doing a paid internship

Some of these ideas do not pay well, so you may need to have multiple jobs. There are many more summer job openings that you can get, and you need not limit yourself. All you need to do is use the most useful resource in your locality and seek information from friends and family about job searching tips.

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