You recently decided to run a small business. You are probably feeling jittery because your business is taking its first baby steps. You do not want anything to go wrong. At this stage of your business, it is probably you and a colleague running it and your roles overlap. You need to identify ways of efficiently managing your business and find lucrative deals.

As you look for these deals, you discover some hiccups you need to focus on. Some areas small business managers find they need to concentrate on include: customer relationships, accounting, marketing, supplier management, information storage and management. You will also need an effective website because everyone is online. These focus areas may help you run a small business efficiently so they are discussed below.

Information storage and management

Run A Small Business

You probably started out with a small office. You may also be storing customer and supplier information manually in hard copy. In order to be efficient with information when you run a small business, you will definitely need a desktop.

The Dell i7 XPS is one of the best deals on the market at the moment. This workstation was designed to offer top performance. It has also been engineered to work quietly. With front easy-to-access ports and connectors, you are able to use a few USB drives and other external input devices. The desktop has empty slots for extra hard drives and RAM if you run out of space. It also features a high-end video card which makes it one of the top-selling desktops for professionals.

Acquiring a desktop like this is the wisest investment decision, as you can input, store and access all your business information easily.

Customer relationships

By now, you have probably heard of CRM, which stands for customer relationship management. Embracing technology in the early stages of your business will go a long way to ensuring your business runs efficiently. You are probably running your new business from home. And you now have a desktop. There is some software that will help you run a small business by identifying business opportunities, reducing costs, identifying trends and increasing efficiency. One of these is the Zoho CRM, and it is used by 20 million people around the world.

Zoho connects you with customers via email, social media and in person. The software is very affordable and you can get it on a flexible plan. You can sign up for free, cancel, upgrade or downgrade to a suitable plan anytime you feel like it. It is easily customizable to fit your needs and incorporates very good reporting and email marketing tools.


Since your business is in its early stages, you will probably find yourself meeting clients in person. So you need to a laptop. The main thing is, how much would a laptop set you back? It needs to be affordable, appealing and do what you want it to do. The Dell XPS 13 laptop has a sleek design with machined aluminum and carbon fiber. It is both rigid and light. The screen is high resolution (1920×1080); it features an advanced processor and is not expensive. A good laptop will help you get out and about, meeting customers and sealing deals.

Accounting and finance

Accounting packages like QuickBooks and MYOB will help you with your accounting. But you could also think about cloud-based accounting packages, like FreshBooks. Accounting can be complicated until you get in the swing. A tiny error can give you a false picture when you run a small business. You need to stop these mistakes from occurring. FreshBooks has a very attractive interface and navigational tools that smooth out the accounting process. You might even enjoy it! There are tons of reports available, so you will be able to get a clear picture of your financials. The program comes at an affordable monthly fee.

Run A Small Business

Website builder for your business

After you have acquired the necessary gadgets and software to help you run a small business, building a website must be your next priority. That is, if you don’t have one already. You search for an easy-to-use website builder. For beginners, WIX website builder is a good option. It offers tons of templates (one is sure to match your business brand) and it also produces a mobile version of your site that will help you maximize traffic. The WIX e-commerce plan gives you necessary business features such as product pages, shopping cart and coupons at a fee. This website builder will get you up and running easily.

Virtual private network

As your business grows, the amount of data and transactions you need to be able to handle will grow. You need to keep all this data and your transactions secure and free from viruses. Finding a reliable VPN service provider that securely sends data through their VPN services is a must. One of the best dealers in VPN services is Total VPN. They are able to encrypt data securely and reliably.

The manufacturers and deals we have mentioned can make it easier for you to run a small business. Of course there are other name brands, service and software providers, but we have found these good for people just starting out. If you want to successfully manage and run a business, these six suggestions will set you on the road to sales success.

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