The following are the six books Daymond John suggests you read.

1. Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This is a fantastic book for anybody wishing to make a ton of cash. Napoleon shares a philosophy that can easily be applied not just for monetary huge selection but to any genuine desire you want.

The most significant thing that I noticed about this book is that it offers an extensive list of the aspects to achieve success. Not all of them are required. However, you need a mix of elements to achieve your success.

The most significant element and the center of the philosophy is desire. Napoleon talks about how having a burning-hot desire is the essence of making this viewpoint work for you, regardless of your age, sex, ethnic background, learning, and others.

Napoleon additionally discusses the value of having persistence in your quest. In my very own individual experience, I have discovered that being persistent is crucial to anything beneficial that I do. As a matter of fact, the writer presents real-life instances on exactly how himself (along with incredibly impressive names like Ford, Edison, and Carnegie) made use of the principles presented in his book, not only to achieve economic gains but additionally ‘miracles’ of healing

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Robert Kiyosaki may have had saw the vision of his book in the back of his mind, but it is not made prominent after reading the book once. Clearly, there is a message of inspiration to break out of the so-called rat race and be in business for yourself. However, more messages seem to surface after reading the book several times.

The book is a beacon of hope to corporate workers who feel stuck. Day in and day out, people are living paycheck to paycheck and the possibility of freedom seems more distant each and every day. Robert Kiyosaki has hit a home run producing this book and becoming a best-selling author.

There is a message that a very casual reader may miss when reading the book for the first time. Robert Kiyosaki is not simply shouting out a declaration to break free of corporate dependency; he is asking you to develop a reason to do so. In other words, create a “why that makes you want to cry.” What exactly do I mean by this?

Too many times, people tend to be concerned with how to do things. They want step by step instructions on how to be successful. Unfortunately, that is simply a temporary solution. One person’s success story differs from another, and countless scenarios could make the step by step instructions completely useless.

If there’s anything to be understood from this book, understand that it is important to be able to be independent of your day job. At the same time, it is important to have a solid reason to what you do every single day. When you develop a purpose for what you do, there is no obstacle that can deter you from your goals. This is the book that most of Daymond John of Shark Tank quotes are based from.

3. Life Is a Series of Presentations by Tony Jeary

Presentation strategist and veteran executive coach Tony Jeary always taught many executives at big global companies on how to deliver a knockout and persuasive and interactive public speeches. In this book, he reveals some of his expert strategies by providing a series of efficient, practical, easy-to-understand tips and techniques. They include tips on how to boost confidence and credibility, improving communication skills when facing some of the most terrifying things in life.

4. BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY BY by Professors W. Kim Chan and Renee Mauborgne

According to the book, Blue Ocean strategy is a corporate strategy that aims to tap unclaimed markets making competition irrelevant.

Blue Ocean Strategist resort to “Strategic thinking” rather than “Strategic planning.” Adding “value” to products and services to claim an untapped market is what resorts instead of referring to it as “cutting prices” to capture a market. It is not about “crushing the competition” but rather it’s about “Creating new markets with little or no competition.”
It should be noted that a new theory is always built upon something that has already been accepted as a theory or a scientific principle for a long period. Our mode of discovering something is based on the knowledge that has been universally accepted. It is most certain that the strategy is here to stay no matter what the critics say. Clearly, the Blue Ocean strategy will have an impact on the way future managers leaders and entrepreneurs will do business.

5. Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson

Whether considering the economy, your career or your personal life, only one thing is guaranteed: change. Addressing change positively, as Spencer Johnson urges in his book is key to a successful life.

Through the characters of Sniff and Scurry, Hem and Haw we uncover aspects of ourselves and traits common to all people. When facing change one can be proactive to the point of anticipation. One can meet life head on as it comes or even drive change. Or, as is more often the case, one can deny change, whine and complain and seek to fix blame. Comfortable with the known, we often resist taking action to the point of paralysis. In the end, the outcome is the same: either we move, or we are frozen in fear, ending up a relic clinging tightly to the way things were.
Every aspect of the reality we call life is dynamic, in motion – changing. You must move forward – there is no other way to go. Don’t waste life resisting and regretting the change. Strap on your running shoes like Sniff and Scurry. Venture forth – amazing things await!

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6. The One Minute Manager, by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth H. Blanchard.

This book makes you realize that a manager can do significant and lasting things within a minute. In essence, one does not have to spend hours or days figuring out and finding solutions to problems in handling people effectively.

In fact, The book discusses several suggestions and useful ideas in a simple manner. Managers coming from different settings will find this book truly useful. Focusing on what is deemed important, the book places great emphasis on determining realistic and achievable goals, giving due commendations by catching them while doing the right thing, and prescribing corrections in a positive way. Truly, it proves that it is never too difficult and time-consuming to manage people if you do it right.

The book has captured the attention of many people around the globe because of its simplicity of expression. According to many readers, it can be considered as a light reading material which is easy to understand and grasp. It serves as a quick reference that can be read over and over again.

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