Often, summertime is a period characterized by a lot of spare time as most learning institutions head for their summer breaks. This time can be somewhat ‘boring’ for you with all the monotony experienced especially after your first few days at home. Practically, the hotter temperatures coupled with the relatively longer days do not make matters better.
In order to beat this boredom, taking up summer jobs is a good idea to keep you actively engaged in positive and beneficial activities. Moreover, summer jobs ensure that you earn those extra coins for your pocket money which may lead up to purchasing of that yearned for the piece of designer clothing or electronic device you have always had your eyes on. However, financial empowerment is not the only reward that can be reaped from engaging in various summer jobs. In fact, the best of all is engagements which will ensure that there is substantial personal development involved. Consequently, summer time can be a good time to reflect on your goals and targets, identify where you are in achieving them, and lay strategy to meeting them. While the choice of the summer jobs taken up by an individual may differ from one to another, these 5 summer jobs for college students will boost your personality and earnings for sure.


This is one of the classic summer job ideas readily available out there for anyone willing to indulge. Sales is one of the oldest professions there is, the experience and anything learnt therein is bound to help you for eternity. For instance, these kinds of part time jobs require regular interaction with individuals of different calibers and attitudes. Primarily, this improves on your communication skills immensely and thus if you were a shy or laid back person you find that you get to open up and are more relaxed in meeting people.
Additionally, there is an enhancement of negotiation skills as you try to sell and push your products to the market. Similarly, sales representatives are often not static but are highly mobile thus despite it being a job. You get to travel to different places, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. Personal discipline and positive work ethics like hard work are developed especially in commission-based engagements where you have to sell in order to receive your compensation.


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Another close relation to sales as an alternative to summer jobs is telemarketing. This involves sales agents seeking potential buyers to purchase their goods or services through the phone, web-conferencing or a face to face meeting. As with sales, telemarketing equips you with the requisite skills to deal with clients some of who are non-cooperative while others are outright rude.
Communication skills are effectively sharpened as this among other summer jobs involves primarily communicating with prospective buyers. Additionally, the art of convincing and debating is perfected through constant practice over time. The pay received as a telemarketer is greatly dependent on milestones set therefore hard work as a virtue is inculcated. Ideally, telemarketing is preferred by some quarters as opposed to the conventional meet-the-people sales since it is carried out from a central location from the comfort of your chair and table. Similarly, it offers a great opportunity in establishing useful career contacts which may come in handy down the career progression.

Writing Articles for Websites and Blogs

Article writing services are one of the summer jobs which can be one of the safest bet you can have both for personality and earnings boosting. To begin with, writing for various websites exposes you to a vast range of information thereby immensely increasing your knowledge. For instance, a certain blog may require that you provide content on the historical content of certain people in Asia while another needs an economic situation in Europe. This general knowledge ensures that you as a person is better developed and has a grasp of what is happening. Similarly, writing as an example of summer jobs ensures that you are actively engaged away from other harmful vices which may arise among them negative peer influence. As with most summer jobs, writing earnings are based on numbers thus the more you are capable of writing, the more your earnings will be. Writing, in particular, can be great alternative summer jobs for kids as it develops their creativity and writing skills.

Internships Relevant to Your Career Interests

It is said that internships are as important as the first paying jobs. To this end, summer time should be an opportunity to partake in various summer jobs in the field where you envision your career to be. Often, this should be relevant to the area where you are engaged in school. Ideally, internships serve as a gateway to the chosen career where requisite know-how is achieved. Additionally, it is an important platform for self-development and acquisition of practical skills away from the theory obtained in the lecture rooms. Interestingly, depending on the organisation, some internship opportunities pay some form of compensation to the attached thus becoming very productive seasonal jobs. Importantly, these summer internship jobs prove to be very beneficial in professional networking where chances of employment are greatly increased if the internship is present. In fact, some human resource recruiters value internship opportunities as ordinary relevant job experience thereby increasing employment opportunities.


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Summer time may be that time when you take that much-deserved break from the rigorous learning sessions being at the receiving end but may necessitate you take the tutor’s place as another of the summer jobs. Tutoring as an alternative to other summer jobs is not only a financially gainful engagement but also evokes a deep sense of personal satisfaction as you are convinced you are helping out in a noble task.
Consequently, you will also understand concepts better when you are disseminating the information to another party. In retrospect, this has the effect of improving your understanding and school grades are bound to rise when session resumes. Additionally, tutoring as with several other summer jobs guarantees that a lot of knowledge is gathered across diverse fields thereby ensuring a well-informed individual. Dealing with many learners too also ensures that tolerance levels are enhanced as you are bound to meet individuals who are different in the grasping of concepts. This fundamentally builds on your personality to the core. Importantly, tutoring can be a perfect idea for summer jobs for teachers. These summer jobs also evoke the entrepreneurial spirit and thus increases the number of learners thus leading to increased income.

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