Job seekers face many challenges. If you are a job seeker, you will have a lot of competition as multiple candidates are going for the same position. Plus, the lack of jobs means huge numbers of job-seekers try their luck and apply. To stand out from the others, job seekers sometimes send random extras to recruiters. Some of these might secure you an interview. But then again, they might not!

1. A Tea Bag

Some job seekers have been known to send a tea bag out with their resumes. This is a pretty good way of suggesting that the recruiter relaxes with a cup of tea before analyzing your credentials. However, this might not always work as not everyone likes tea!

2. A Recruiter’s Handbook

If you send a recruiter’s handbook with your resume, you are suggesting the recruiters should brush up on their job. You want them to make the best decision and find the most suitable candidate for the job opening. Maybe that’s you?

3. iPhone

iPhones, with the most recent apps and networking tools including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, are a perfect gift for headhunters. Job seekers believe they facilitate the recruitment process as they are useful networking tools. Who knows – sending an iPhone to a recruiter might secure you a dream job if they find you on LinkedIn?

4. A Bullshit Detector Watch

A bullshit detector watch is designed to help recruiters cut through the crap. Employers will know that all the other candidates are speaking bullshit except you.

5. A Big Snowman

A seasonal gift obviously. A big snowman will help your potential employer enjoy their Christmas holidays as they are unique and pretty fun. The idea is they will think of you every day too.

6. A Baby Grow or Onesie

You can win a recruiter’s heart with one of these, especially if they are pregnant. This is an item some you should send to recruiters who have babies. It acts as a congratulatory gift for recruiters with babies thereby helping you to win their hearts.

7. Monogrammed Journal

This is a personalized book that recruiters can use for write anything they like. It works best if you find a journal that is attractive to your recruiter.

8. Mixed Nuts

A bag of mixed nuts would be a good option if your application was unsuccessful. They are designed to suggest you are not nuts.

9. Laptop Tray

A perfect gift for recruiters if they work from home.

10. A Magic CV Tool

This is a computer program initially developed by Wendy Jacob, a Virgin blogger. Recruiters run CVs through the program, and it takes out all the unnecessary stuff. The result is a perfect CV that will save recruiters a lot of time in getting down to the nitty-gritty.

11. A gift for a garden

This is the best gift job seekers sent to employers who enjoy their yards. These items may include a garden ornament or a fruit tree.

12. A resume in a takeaway box

If you desire to make your resume appear unique, fold it in the shape of a fortune cookie in a takeaway box.

13. Cakes

Everyone loves cake. That is why these are the most common gift sent to recruiters. Choose a flavor that you think your potential employer will like. Carrot, ginger or chili chocolate?

14. Dog biscuits

One job seeker sent well-packaged dog biscuits along with their application for a creative role. The packaging was a demonstration of their ability, which was a way of proving they were imaginative and capable.

15. Flowers

Like cake, flowers are always popular. You don’t eat them, but they smell and look good for quite a while in the office. You could send flowers with your resume as a way of wooing your recruiters.

16. Wine filter

Some job seekers have attached wine filters to their resumes with a note. ‘Do not to filter any more candidates.’

17. Sports Tickets

Many recruiters like sports. For this reason, you may send them a pair of tickets that will enable them to attend their favorite sporting events.

18. A basket with chocolates

Many people like chocolates. Job hunters have taken advantage of this fact as a result; accompany their resumes with baskets of chocolates bearing different notes.

19. A picture of a newborn baby

Job Seekers

Some job seekers attach a photo of a newborn baby to their resumes intentionally to convey some information to the recruiters. You may, for instance, attach a baby photo to your resume to show that you are a proud papa or mom. This will help you to trick recruiters into hiring you.

20. Dachshund letter organizer

The best fit for recruiters who love animals. This peculiar ceramic letter organizer often used to keep the work-table desk neat, clean and looking elegant.

21. Inspiring trinket tray

This is a perfect choice gift you can send to your recruiters to enable them to have a fun way to keep their desks organized. The trays are often made of porcelain and come in various designs.

22. Traveling tickets

Interestingly, some job seekers sponsor recruiters and their spouse journey tickets purposely to make sure that they have a good date.

23. A Coffee Table Book

This is a perfect gift sent by job seekers to their employers. Job seekers often look for beautiful art books with spectacular photographs that their companies would love.

24. Lunchbox

Many job seekers believe that every employer with taste will be grateful for this midday meal solution. This unique lunch box is the best fit for any foodie.

25. Elephant tea mug

This is another gift for recruiters who are tea enthusiasts. You should opt for this item since it is uniquely designed and this will make it attractive to your recruiters.

26. “Thank-you” card

Job seekers have for many years sent “thank you” cards to the recruiting team as a way of appreciating them for considering them as the candidate to fill the vacancies. This has worked magic for many job seekers as most recruiters have found this unique.

27. A bottle of wine with a note

Job Seekers

A perfect item for you to win the hearts of employers. A bottle of wine is the best way to thank a recruiter for helping you in the course of their job hunt. Some job seekers have attached the note “You will need this before it’s over” to the bottle.

28. A list of prospective candidates

Interestingly, some job seekers have attached a list of potential candidates to their resumes. This, according to the job seekers, will illustrate to the recruiters that you perfectly understand the qualifications for the position.

29. Handmade card

You may send handmade cards to your recruiters as an expression of your heartfelt thoughts and appreciation for their belief in them. It is a form of gratitude for them for securing you the job you desired.

30. A Toy

Many people treasure particular items. Presenting a toy to a recruiter that relates to their hobby, for instance, a toy car will demonstrate that you recognize their interests. It is for this reason that many job seekers give toys to recruiters.

31. Coffee press mug

Job Seekers

A coffee mug is a perfect gift for a boss who is a coffee connoisseur. Giving this item to a recruiter allows him or her to make a fresh cup of coffee whenever he or she desires.

32. Theater Tickets

Job seekers buy theater tickets to their employers especially if they are fans of movies. Most of these job hunters take their employers and their spouses to enable them to have a fantastic date. Buying them theater tickets will help you win your dream job.

33. Office Essentials calendar

Job seekers prefer sending this desk calendar to a recruiter. It’s the perfect way you can help a recruiter to keep track of his or her days while adding more personalization to his or her desk.

Sending an item to a recruiter works magic as it increases your chances of securing a job. It also works as a way through which you can appreciate recruiters.

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