Reading is Healthy

As revealed in a new study, the practice of finding books that are appropriate for the 3-10 age group is falling by the wayside. It is sad that thousands of children in the US don’t even own a single book. This is hard to believe, as bedtime stories have been shown to improve children’s performance in school, are character forming and can help produce strong lifetime connections, both between children and parents and between children and the stories. With that said, the following are regarded as the three best books for children under 10.

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is one of the most read books of all time by children under the age of 10. Why? Well, it brilliantly explores the imagination of its young protagonist, Max, and is stunningly well illustrated. Max gets sent to his room without any supper for mocking his mother. He then takes a trip to the mesmerizing world of the wild things. As their leader, he rules the land until he starts to miss home and decides to return, where he discovers his dinner sitting right there, waiting for him and still hot.

Why ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is so Great

This book is an amazing read for children because they are able to visualize Max’s dream as he explores the land of the wild things. Hopefully, this will cause children to ask interesting questions about the character of the imagination and how it works. Primarily, it is vital to see what children think about this enchanted land in the book. They will hopefully see the difference between real things and things that are only dreamed about or imagined.

Philosophers in the empiricist tradition often claim that we can only imagine things using the materials that we have previously perceived. Since a lot of features of the wild things’ world bear a resemblance to the author’s actual world, this book provides material through which we can think about the world philosophically.

One good thing about ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is that it is very accessible for children, yet can be understood at a much deeper level. Barack Obama mentioned recently that ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is one of his favorite books.

‘The Paper Bag Princess’ by Robert N. Munsch

If you watch TV and read magazines, you’ll be very aware of Princess Kate Middleton. Her wedding was every little girl’s dream. However, there is a book that is very popular with children that tells the story of a different sort of princess; one that battles dragons. Yes, you heard it dragons!

‘The Paper Bag Princess’ is a sweet princess story for kids. At first glance children will possibly think this is another book like ‘Pinkalicious’, wherein a girl turns pink because she filled herself up on too many cupcakes. When we first meet the princess, she is gorgeous, lives in a castle, wears classy clothing, and is about to marry a prince. When we turn to the second page, however, everything is lost at the hands of a dragon. And of course, she is not pleased. Faced with her own lack of fashion, she turns a paper bag into a dress and sets out to save her prince. Not your usual Cinderella or Snow White story but kids and adults will love it.

‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’ by Crockett Johnson

When it comes to best books for children under 10, and you are looking for a little fantasy, this one might do the trick. Talk about letting your imagination run away with you. ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’ is the book that does just that. Even parents that have purchased this book have agreed that this is one of the best arguments for letting your imagination loose and getting a little crazy.

Create Your World

Kids will love this book because the protagonist, Harold, is an inquisitive five year old boy who walks around with a purple crayon. However, it is not just any purple crayon, this crayon has the power to create a world of his own merely by drawing it.

For example, Harold takes a little walk in the middle of the night, but there is one small problem. There is no moon, so Harold decides to take it upon himself and draw one that is bigger than the normal moon. When he notices that he does not have anywhere to walk, he draws a road to walk on. The book is full of adventures as Harold creates the world that he wants for himself, but when it comes to the end, he creates his own bed and house and sleeps there forever.

An Oldie but a Goodie

This is an old book but what child would not enjoy reading about a little boy armed with just a king-size purple crayon. Little Harold draws himself a landscape full of magical phenomenon and pleasure, which is the world that every little kid wants to journey to. This book is excellent for the 10 and under audience because it is jammed with funny surprises and twists. This jubilant story illustrates just how far your imagination can take you. This story has pleased readers of all ages ever since 1955. Harold’s silent but magical voyage reminds us of the wonders the mind can produce, and likewise gives us the incredible understanding that anything is possible if you’ll just use your creative juices.

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