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Negotiate Your Teacher's Salary in China
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11 Tips to Negotiate Your Teacher’s Salary In China

With almost 1.4 billion citizens at the time of writing and a gigantic economy, China is the market to focus on in the coming decades. China has officially outlined its plans to become the world’s biggest superpower within the next 30 years, which means China is going to spread its influence globally. In order to […]

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5 Ways to Make Remote Employees Feel Valued

In 2018, there are more remote employees in the world than ever. They sit at home, in a coffeehouse, or gather in coworking spaces, and do their job. Even though an opportunity to work far from loud offices is appreciated by people from various professions, such an approach also has its disadvantages. Unlike the office […]

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The importance of Resume or CV
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Why My Resume Is Rejected? 4 Signs You Need To Correct Mistakes

A resume, oftentimes referred to as a CV, is the single most important thing standing between you and your next job. For a skill so important, however, a lot of people lack the skills needed to write a fantastic letter to their potential employers. Your resume can only be as good as the amount of […]

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