Creative jobs names are becoming more and more confusing. At times, people are more creative about the names than the actual jobs they advertise.

Clearing up The Confusion – Creative Jobs

The names given to certain creative jobs can be so confusing you might not apply. You might think you don’t have the right qualifications. The titles could also sound so strange that you feel like you need to take a special course for them. But the amazing thing is that many creative jobs advertised use names which are just substitutes for regular titles. Below are some creative job titles you might see in ads.

Director of the First Impression

This sounds pretty impressive and you might wonder what you need to land this job. But the advertised position is actually for a receptionist. Receptionists provide the first impression of a company as they are the first to receive visitors. How they treat visitors reflects on the image of the company.

The Resonator

This is the person who runs the packaging team in a company. They are responsible for leading other team members in the packaging of products and providing materials for the job. It doesn’t have anything to do with sound as you may think. Therefore you should not skip this job because you think you don’t have the required skills.

Project Meanie

This is a person hired to look after other workers. The work involves monitoring hours and work performance. A Project Meanie reports people’s performance to the manager.

Digital Prophet

This might sound wired, but it is quite easy. The work of a digital prophet is to help keep the company on trend with digital developments. They observe the market in digital platforms and makes sure the company is aware of, or uses, the latest technology.

Creative Jobs

Ambassador of Buzz

This is definitely a confusing creative job title you might come across, and wonder what kind of a job it could be. The work here involves corporate communication. You should not miss this opportunity by assuming it relates to diplomacy.

Creative Technologist

This is a developer who assists the creative, or advertising team, with technology and programs. The person may use coding and/or build the digital experience of a company. They are generally more technical-minded than creative and can be a bit of both.

Design Executive Officer

This is a person responsible for all the design aspects of a company from advertising to package design. She or he has to be armed with the latest technology in graphic design and market trends. This creative position is also known as ‘Chief Marketing Officer’.

Content Strategist

This is a person responsible for disseminating and creating of a company’s information. He receives and shares the information using all available communication channels from mass media to digital media. He must be able to generate unique and quality content for the company’s website and social media platforms.

On-demand Executive

This is another job title on the interesting titles list. An On-demand Executive is a part-time CEO who stands in when the CEO is on leave. You need to a CEO’s experience for this job.

Chief Everything Officer

This is another weird creative job title you may come across. It is a pun on ‘Chief Executive Officer’, or CEO. You need all the qualities of a CEO to land this job, because that it what it is. The name of the title should not confuse you; CEO still means CEO.

Growth Hacker

This is another term for the more traditional ‘Growth Manager’ or ‘Development Manager’. The role is to make sure the company continues to grow, by identifying the bast ways of doing this. That might be expanding the customer base or by experimenting with marketing platforms.

Design Consultant

A person holding this role is responsible for consulting with important stakeholders or clients to arrive at the best design for their products. A Design Consultant has to work closely with others about their target and requirements. They could work in graphic design or interior design, for example.

Creative Jobs

Crayon Evangelist

This person is responsible for the entire graphic design needs of a company. He decides on the best designs and where and when they should be used.

Chief Troublemaker

This is the head of the company and is essentially the CEO. The title draws on the name ‘Chief Troubleshooter’, or leader of a company.

Chief Amazement Officer

This refers to the president of an organization, the chairperson and/or the founder of the company. A Chief Amazement Officer is responsible for the whole company and everyone answers to them.

Chief Curator

This is the person who selects content to be featured on the company’s homepage. This can be on social media, company websites, and other online platforms. This term should not put you off when you have the required skills.


This is another new term in the job market. A Catalyst is an assistant manager who provides support to the manager to achieve an organization’s goals.

Master of Disasters

This is a person responsible for providing communities with information on natural and man-made disasters, from poverty and conflict to climate change. He researches and disseminates this information to help avert crises. They are innovative leaders with a relevant multi-disciplinary degree.

Director of Ethical Hacking

This position to designed to protect a company’s website from hackers. The position can also be called ‘Legal Hacker’. They are responsible for tracking any form of tracking or malice on the company’s website and to ensure the site or network is safe. You will need IT security experience for this job.

Sous Chef

No, this person does not work in a kitchen, chopping vegetables. A Sous Chef is a product development technician who develops and designs products. So you can out your kitchen knife away for now.

These titles for creative jobs may be confusing, but they are just fancy twist on old titles. They have been formulated to coincide with the current market needs and perhaps to give the impression that the company is cutting-edge and above the rest.

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