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Top 12 Business Opportunities in China -You Don’t Know.

Are you a foreigner looking for job opportunities in China? Are you ready to discover new business ideas from China? Do you desire to know the realistic business opportunities in China for foreigners? Well, this is your lucky day. If you want the best Make Money China tips and strategies, this page is the place to be.

China offers many business opportunities to both foreigners and local people. However, the level of success depends on your strategy. The unstable nature of Chinese business is why you will find some foreign entrepreneurs get rich from investing in China while others get frustrated.

The difference between these two groups of people is that one group explored all the profitable business opportunities in China market. You might find something fascinating by going through the business opportunities in China 2012 magazines. Here are some business opportunities in China for foreigners.

China’s economy is the fastest growing and second largest economy worldwide. China’s also known to be the largest importer and exporter of goods in the world. You’ll never miss a ‘Made in China’ product in most western countries. Besides, China’s economy is diverse. Hence, you can exploit an opportunity from all the key sectors.

1. Provide education services
Probably the most obvious choice for most foreigners, especially the native English speakers. In China, both public and private schools are paying real money to foreigners who teach English (about $900-$1500). With a salary like this, you’ll be able to live a supple life in China. If day-time teaching isn’t yielding well, you might consider offering after-school private tutoring services. Online courses also are a splendid idea as they are accessible to more people.

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2. Start supplying health products
Most China business opportunities in India have advised foreigners to consider providing health products. Due to the changes in the environment, people are more health-conscious than in the past. For instance, new and more dangerous diseases are emerging. Therefore, venturing into small health products might be a good idea in China. Don’t just limit yourself to supplements or herbal products. Expand into skin care goods or other “health products”.

3. Import and export trading
Small business in China that involve trading are usually profitable as they create business opportunities locally and internationally. According to latest business ideas, import from China findings, China was ranked as the largest exporter of goods. It’s easy for one to build a successful trading business.

4. Selling Industrial Automation control products
Here, you must have marketing skills. Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co. Ltd is China’s leading industrial automation products company. Therefore, if you have any business ideas in this sector, try getting in touch with Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co. Ltd.

5. Pharmaceutical company
If you are a westerner, you should know that venturing into the pharmaceutical industry might prove to be very profitable. However, you should be ready to go through many obstacles before acquiring a license. This business idea is a real money spinner because you will have access to tons of raw materials and cheap labor.

6. Ecological Environment Construction Company

Ecological environment construction may sound like a large-scale company, but the truth is that anyone can start it. This business opportunity involves afforestation projects, garden landscape engineering, new energy, clean and renewable energy usage, green tech and more.

7. Small-scale food production
This business is not only high in China but all over the world. Everyone loves and needs food, so it’s a reliable company for investment. Also, studies have revealed that people don’t regret spending money on food.

8. Start your skincare company
People age and as they do so, they desire to look young again. As China has a huge population, you will find that there are hundreds of small-scale health and beauty companies. The Chinese people, especially women, have become more conscious of their appearance. Take advantage of this situation and start a skincare business.

9. Start an internet business
Yes, almost everyone in China has access to the web. This makes a small-scale internet business an easy source of income for foreigners – you don’t need to get multiple licenses or certifications.

10. Mobile phones and accessories
If China had not intervened, cell phones would have been very expensive in western and third world countries. Thanks to China, the prices of cell phones have gone down. Therefore, cell phones and accessories can be cheap in China. Getting business partners who can buy and supply accessories such as USB cords, memory cards, batteries and more to the rest of the world is a good business idea.

11. A trading platform or online shop
Foreigners who live in China should consider using the internet to make some money. China has the most advanced technology that favors online businesses and trading platforms. The main advantage of owning an online shop is that you don’t have to own or possess all the products listed in your on-ground warehouse. Just talk to some manufacturers and have an agreement that allows them to list their products in your store.

12. Jewelry production

If you have the required capital, you will benefit from jewelry manufacturing. Most foreigners prefer silver or gold plated jewelry.
When looking for business opportunities in China for foreign entrepreneurs, you should be ready for the following:

· Cultural difference.
· Language difference which proves to be a significant obstacle.
· Loyalty and timing.
· Getting qualified and reliable manufacturers.
The good news is that these challenges aren’t permanent. Anyone can overcome them by; being prepared, getting an interpreter where needed and have credible Chinese partners to help you out.

There are many business opportunities in China market are suitable for foreigners. China is the new land of possibilities. Do your research well before investing your money in any business.

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    Opening a company in China is the first step to entering this important, growing but often challenging market. And with the proper support and guidance, a WFOE / WOFE registration is not a daunting task!

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