If you want to land a cool job today that pays well, you need to look into the tech industry. Based on the 2016 Glassdoor recruiting report, 10 out of 25 best jobs in America in 2016 are in the realm of tech. Companies in all industries today require tech positions, which means that you do not have to be a part of a tech company to get a tech job. For businesses today to gain a competitive edge and increase mobile presence, they require investing in technological skills. Therefore, you will never go wrong when it comes to tech jobs. China, too is a great place to work in tech. If a tech job is in demand in the US, it will be in demand in China too.

When it comes to salary and career opportunities, tech jobs are ranked highest in research done by Glassdoor. Besides, the unemployment rate is low. Therefore, the article will look into the top ten Best tech jobs in 2016 that you can choose to remain relevant in the future, as far as employment is concerned.

Software Architect

Glassdoor ranks this job at the lower end of the Best Tech jobs in 2016. There are at least 653 job openings presently for the job with an opportunity rating of 3.4 out of 5. The expected base salary is $130,000 with a job score of 4.2 out of 5. Clearly, the job is in demand. However, it is a senior position compared to that of a software engineer. Therefore, there are more job openings here compared to that of a software engineer.

UX designer

This is new to the list in 2016 among the 25 Best tech jobs for the future. With a base salary of $91,800, the job has at least 863 opening. The main reason the job was pushed to the least is its similarity to mobile developers. It is essential, as most industries today require an online presence. There are more clients seeking information on apps or mobile websites. Therefore, mobile developers improve the accessibility and usability of the product. UX designers jobs score are 4.3 out of 5 and have a rating of 3.6 out of 5 for career opportunities.

Quality Assurance Manager

More companies today need to test products before they release them to the market. This is the reason this job is among the highest paying tech jobs in 2016 and ranked among the top ten. Software testing is imperative, and it takes a specialized engineer. Besides, Glassdoor views this position to be among the best tech jobs for the future. With a median base salary of $85,000, the job score for this post is 4.4 out of 5 and has a career opportunity rating of 3.4 out of 5. There are 3,749 job openings available which shows how much companies demand the position.

Software Development Manager

It is the highest paying of all the best tech jobs with a median base salary of $135,000. As a managerial position, it is natural that it gunners more pay. However, there are 1,199 job openings. This means that it is a job in demand for the tech world. With a job score of 4.4 and a career rating of 3.4, this is a very competitive position in the tech world that requires more education and high technical skills with years of experience in software.

Analytics Manager

This post is a new entrant in the list of best tech jobs 2016. The job is similar to that of data scientist. They help in analysis and making conclusions on data that a company requires. With a job score of 4.5 and career rating of 3.7, this job offers $105,000. There are currently 982 opening for this position.

Software Engineer

This job currently has the highest number of job opening in the top 10 Best tech jobs in 2016 list. Companies today require online presence, and this leads to the higher demand and compensation for this career. With a job score of 4.5 and career rating of 3.3, this tech job pays $95,000 and has over 42,700 job openings presently.

Project Manager

This job has managed to stay in the top 10 Best tech jobs for two years, which means it is a job in demand. Job seekers need to consider this job as it is unique concerning the earnings, career opportunities, and job score. The job pays $106,680 with a job score of 4.5 and a career opportunity rating of 3.3. There is a high demand for this job as it has 6,607 job openings presently.

Mobile Developer

Most industries today require mobile apps or have plans to create one. Therefore, they are hiring mobile developers to create the apps and provide support for the apps. However, this trend does not reflect the number of job opening for this career. With a median salary of $90,000, it has 2,251 jobs presently. The job score for this career is 4.6 with a career opportunity rating of 3.8. This shows that it is a high-ranking job in high in demand.

Solutions Architect

Most job seekers may not know this position. Its title does not give enough details on what solutions the job holder should offer. Mostly, it involves making business decisions that are related to software performance and creation. Therefore, the task of a solutions architect is problem-solving. He or she requires business acumen as well as technical skills. They work closely with a company to receive feedback on its products and offer solutions based on the said feedback. It is ranked highly as it offers a hefty salary while having a high number of openings. With a jobs score of 4.6, it has a rating of 3.5 in career opportunities and at least 2,906 job openings presently. The median base salary for a solutions architect is $119,500.

Data Scientist

Currently, this is the top tech job in 2016. It is in high demand and has great salaries as well as career opportunities. It did not just rank as a top rank among tech jobs; it ranked first among all jobs based on Glassdoor rankings. Companies have an online presence today and require somebody to manage their data. This is the task for data scientists. This job is considered among the best tech jobs for the future. With a job score of 4.7 and career rating of 4.1, the job has at least 1,736 job openings currently. The median base salary is $116,840.