At the moment, China offers a lot of jobs for people from all over the world. Working in this country is an excellent choice for those who have not yet found their favorite activity, want to make fast money, get a good salary without education, etc. For natives, the situation with the labor market in China is very complicated. Three negative factors affecting it are as follow:

  • currently, many young people are high-educated and do not want to work as “just” workers even for good money. This causes the labor crisis and unemployment among the young generation;
  • due to the restrictions on the birth rate, there are not so many people who could replace those who retire. With each year, this problem becomes more and more serious.

Due to the factors listed above, Chinese companies have already increased the salaries of specialists in demand by 30%. But it does not solve the problem.

The salary grows steadily, and this attracts people from other countries to go to China to earn money. It may seem that this is a dreamland for some people, but not everything is so simple.

Some American survey has shown that about 50% of all working adults do not trust their bosses, not like their job and have the desire to change it. You may think that well-paid “just a job” is not so bad, but this may be a cause for apathy and depression.

Often people want to change jobs, but they fail to find a good reason for it. Such a step is especially tricky when one works in China, and the situation is profitable and stable. However, if you have doubts about whether to continue working in China, answer the questions below honestly. 

step is especially tricky when one works in China

Why Am I Here?

Well, we all have reasons to work. What attracts you in China the most? Some people love their job because of a stable and good salary, social protection, etc. Some try to find such an option, which will be most comfortable for them, where they will do all tasks automatically. 

Yet, dozens of people are afraid of changes, and because of this continue doing the hateful everyday duties. They are not sure that they will find a better place to earn money. Another scenario, they do not want to face the red tape, which is associated with the search for a new job. 

The reasons can be many, and it is essential to listen to yourself in this regard. It may turn out that you no longer have reasons to stay in China, as the previous ones are not relevant or important anymore.

What Will I Get If I Quit My Job?

To understand everything in detail, you should create a list of the pros and cons of quitting a job in China. Among the advantages, there are often the possibilities of changing work schedules, finding a more pleasant team and boss, higher salary, a workplace closer to home, an opportunity to share more time with family or spend it on hobbies, career growth, etc.

The cons usually include financial uncertainty and the need to search for a new job. Sometimes, other people do not allow a person to make changes. For instance, the pressure from relatives can force to stay in an unpleasant workplace for a long time. 

Compose and analyze your list. If there are more pros, feel free to quit your current job.

feel free to quit your current job

Do I Have a Financial Cushion to Stay Without Work for a While?

The vast majority of people are afraid to quit because they do not have a financial cushion. Who knows how long the period of unemployment can last? Fear of lack of money causes to continue engaging in unpleasant activities. 

If you do not have enough money for a long time, then start saving. Try to reduce consuming those things that you can do without at the moment. Those can be an extra visit to a hairdresser, takeaway food, not necessary clothes, etc. Think about how much time you need to find a new job. 

The saved money should be enough for some time. When the sum you can think of is reached – quit immediately. You can also seek for new workplace during this time and even have job interviews if the schedule allows them.

What Exactly Do I Hate in the Current Job?

This question is fundamental to answer, in order not to repeat the same mistakes. For example, if you are not satisfied with the salary, team, schedule, boss, dress code, career progress in China, try to find an option that will eliminate all these factors. But it is crucial to consider only those things that are permanent and cannot be overcome. The temporary troubles are not a good reason to quit.

What Will Happen in the Worst Case?

All people are afraid of the unknown and fear that something really terrible can happen. Imagine the worst option – how will you get out of it. For example, you quit your job and fail to find a new one for a long time. Or you have found something, but it is worse than before. 

Living through the illusion of a stressful situation, you will get more courage to move on because the worst option is to stay in China and do what you hate, losing all possible new opportunities. Besides, staying in the old place of work does not allow us to start a more pleasant, useful, and promising work. Anyway, you can always find a job similar to the current one, since you have the necessary skills to do this.

Do I Like My Type of Work and Company?

Do I Like My Type of Work and Company?

This question is vital for a further choice of job. If you do not feel enough appreciation, but everything else suits you, then you will need to look for something similar. However, if the problem is exactly with the kind of work, then you should spend additional time searching for the right one and obtaining the necessary qualification. 

Maybe you do not like your salary in China? Remember, you can always discuss with the employer the possibility of reassignment, if you have the appropriate skills and experience.

What Do I Want to Do If I Quit the Job in China?

Do you have desires for the future job which you cannot realize right now? Perhaps you want to work in comfortable clothes, and not to adhere to the dress code. Or you may hate to stay in a toxic atmosphere. 

Maybe you lack some free time, as there is a very tight schedule. You may think of more extended vacation, more convenient schedule, the opportunity to earn more, changing the city of residence, etc. Each of these things may be a reason for quitting the current workplace. Does your job in China really suit you 100%?

Do I Want to Build a Career?

Not every job can lead to career growth. You should think carefully – are you satisfied with your current position? Will there be a career growth in China? If the desired cannot be realized, there is a need to think about your future. The sooner you start to take steps in building your tomorrow, the better.

Not every job can lead to career growth

What Do I Do Best, and What Do I Like to Do?

This question is important for those who decided to change their field of activity but have not yet decided to do this right now. The best and successful work is when a person manages to combine one’s favorite occupation with skill into one.

Is there a thing that you could do all day long and it will still please you? If there is no such one, then you try to imagine the ideal job for you – a schedule, salary, career growth opportunities, etc. How much free time do you need? Do you have a family or just want to create it? The choice of your new work depends on these points.

Have I Done Everything to Improve the Current Situation?

Often, stress, fatigue, minor problems make you think that the situation at work is unbearable and hopeless. But sometimes it is enough to have good sleep and rest, as everything seems not so gloomy. 

Final Words

Consider all the questions we have raised. Analyze your answers and decide for yourself the most important one. Is your work really so bad, or you simply get tired? Incorrectly assessing the situation, you can quit an excellent job in China and lose instead of win. Think it over and embrace the answer, whatever it may be.

Thanks to Gary Blaisdell for sharing his thoughts with us.

About the author

This article is written by Gary Blaisdell. He is a specialist in the spheres of business, marketing, technology, and education. Currently, he works as a professional writer at EssayPro. Gary has changed a few workplaces in different countries before finding the one that suits her best. He has written this post for those in doubt regarding their work in such a unique country as China.