It doesn’t matter whether your new business is going to from your garage or from the tallest skyscraper. The most important ingredient of all is knowledge, and plenty of it is required when starting any new business.

Some people forget about this aspect of starting up a new business and yet it can make all the difference between success and failure. This applies to every single aspect of what you are doing as well. It doesn’t matter what job you do or where you do it – knowledge will decide whether you will be an ongoing success or not.

The importance of business knowledge starts at the very beginning of your business journey too. You will need to find out what you need to do to register your business and pay the appropriate tax and insurance for example. You also might need to find a qualified accountant.

Knowledge also applies when you want to learn how to perform your job correctly. This is made even more important because of the fact you are working for yourself. There won’t be anyone else by your side to help you out, unless you ask. It all comes down to you to ensure you have all the knowledge you will need to succeed.

For example, you can begin by researching the lives of people who are working in the same job you are about to begin. If you are a photographer and you want to sell your photography online, for example, you need to see how other photographers are doing it already. Some of what you find out you may already know, but you will also learn new things too. This will give you an opportunity to develop your business in ways you previously may not have thought of.

Knowledge doesn’t stop once your business gets underway either. The more you learn, the more you can develop in the future. If you can overtake your competition in whatever field you are in, you stand a chance of earning more money as well.

Needless to say, getting into regular habits regarding building your knowledge in this respect is a good thing. You will find you soak up new information like a proverbial sponge after a while, and you’ll find new ways of applying that information. No matter how your business starts out, it can develop in all kinds of ways. If you leave it to stagnate it will be overtaken by your competition and that could damage your livelihood.

In effect, your knowledge and how much you have will depend on your efforts and how you apply them. Don’t ever let those good habits slip, otherwise, you could end up losing out on a better business and more clients.  Ask yourself how powerful you are right now. The answer will depend on how much knowledge you have and how you are using it.


Top business skills may one day help you manage your own business, and meanwhile, you will be desirable to employers until the time has come for you to start your own business. If you’re already on your way to start your own business, you’ll certainly want to learn about business skills than are necessary to survive and progress in the business world.

There are many skills and capabilities that contribute to excellent performance in a business career, but there are skills that are more important than others. First, leadership is a skill that all business people should aspire to have. Organization and time management skills are important in business, as well as skills such as sales management, marketing, information technology, finance, writing and public speaking. You don’t need to be a master at all of these, but you do need to be realistic about what your strengths are.

Leadership is essentially the ability to persuade people to do what you want to be done. If you are a good leader, people will have no problem performing the tasks they are asked of them. If you are a great leader not only will they perform the tasks, but they will go out of their way to make sure they are done to the best of their abilities. As you become a better leader, you will find your employees continuing to improve their performance as well.

Organizational skills can never be overlooked. As a business owner or an aspiring business person, you will need to have the skills to manage time, people, and processes around a company. These items must be managed in a way that everything is performed and executed properly. An unorganized company will most often fail, and now is the time to acquire this skill before you acquire your own! Think of it as practice.

There are many books and resources online about how to become more organized on a daily basis with many tips and tricks. Start there if you are stuck. Don’t give up if you are an overly disorganized person. As with anything, a little determination and hard work often go a long way.


As a business owner, the challenge for you is to develop a business knowledge representation. A business knowledge representation can be described as a set of pictures, words, symbols, or other shareable documentation that clearly describes your business systems and enables you to analyze and make decisions to improve your revenue and profitability. It is fundamental to business knowledge management.

How do you represent your business knowledge and processes?

The truth is, very few businesses have documented processes. Even those that have documented processes rarely if ever use them as part of their daily work routine. Most businesses essentially do not have a business knowledge representation.

The importance of documenting your business knowledge, specifically your business processes and systems should not be underestimated. The simple act of forcing yourself to document your business systems will lead to business improvement ideas and initiatives that you may not have otherwise identified. Writing information down is critical toward deepening your understanding (second best to teaching others). After your processes are documented, you can embark upon process improvement and other initiatives to streamline your processes, increase automation (reduce time-to-market), reduce overall work time, and ultimately increase your profits.

The big question that most business owners face is how should one document business knowledge? One often used technique is business process mapping. Business process mapping provides a business owner with the means to document business systems and essentially create a business knowledge representation. From these process maps, many related analysis techniques can be applied to increase business revenue and profits.

Now go start that business!